Month: May 2022

Finding Your El Paso Children’s Dentist

There are several reasons why you should prioritize finding the right dentist for your child. One reason is that when kids have access to oral health care that makes them feel at ease, they can feel more comfortable during future visits. This can make them less likely to push back against appointments, and it can… Read more »

When You Have A Tooth In Need Of A Root Canal

In addition to protecting you against tooth decay, our dental office offers important services for patients who need help dealing with active cavities. You can rely on Sunny Smiles for this support even when your tooth needs more than just a filling. At times when the procedure is called for, we can provide root canal… Read more »

What Do General Dental Visits Do For Me?

When you keep up with good oral hygiene habits on your own, and when you have not experienced any discomfort or changes in the appearance of your smile, is general dentistry still important? Routine visits have value even when you believe your teeth are in ideal health. One reason for this is that you can… Read more »

Asking Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening

You can see teeth whitening treatment as something relatively straightforward, as you can find several products that offer to remove enamel stains at your nearby grocery store or pharmacy. However, you can find that your ideal results are more difficult to see than you initially anticipated when you rely on these products, as they can… Read more »

Restorative Dental Work For El Paso Families

What should you do if you think you need to arrange treatment for a possible cavity or tooth injury? For people in the El Paso area seeking restorative dentistry, the right care is available. Sunny Smiles can provide the necessary services to resolve problems with your smile without changing its appearance in unwelcome ways. We… Read more »

Veneers Offer Outstanding Smile Changes!

What kind of changes can you really expect to show off when you look into cosmetic dental work? When you talk to Sunny Smiles about treatment with porcelain veneers, you can discover that just one procedure is able to make fantastic changes to your appearance! These restorations are carefully constructed so that they cover up… Read more »

Teeth Grinding And TMJ Therapy

When it happens in the course of your day, you can recognize that it is occurring and put a stop to it. However, when your reflexive teeth grinding issues occur during the night, it can be more difficult for you to protect yourself. What you might not realize is that your struggles with this issue… Read more »

How Are Dental Cleanings Protecting You?

Through the care you put into cleaning your teeth, you can protect yourself against the buildup of tartar and plaque, which makes you less likely to experience trouble with gum disease or dental decay. Your daily efforts at caring for your smile are important, but remember that you should stick with your regular dental exams… Read more »

The Exciting Impact Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Will you really have results you are excited to show off after cosmetic dental work? The right procedure can have a significant impact on how you look. For people in and around the El Paso area, a number of services are available at our practice. Sunny Smiles provides multiple cosmetic services. Even if you have… Read more »

Emergency Dentistry And Tooth Pain

The pain you feel may require prompt treatment. When cavities and physical injuries cause discomfort, it can warn you about an internal infection or damage that will put you at risk for losing your tooth! What can you do to make sure that you have the right restorative dental procedure performed in time to avoid… Read more »