Month: February 2019

When You Might Have TMJ Disorder

One of the more worrisome things about TMJ disorder is that you can have it for quite a while without ever realizing the problem. The symptoms of the disorder, such as aches and pains in your jaw and diminished bite function, can continue to grow worse. Yet, finding the cause of them can be difficult… Read more »

3 Signs You Shouldn’t Wait for a Checkup & Cleaning

Assuming you don’t have tooth decay, gum disease, or other dental condition that needs to be addressed, you should generally attend a dental checkup and cleaning appointment at least twice a year. By doing so, you can significantly increase your chances of avoiding some of the concerns mentioned above. However, if an issue does develop,… Read more »

How Your Smile Benefits from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are unique from your other teeth in that, for the most part, you don’t really need them. As the third set of permanent molars to develop, they’re not necessary to process the modern human diet. In fact, over time, our jawbones have become smaller because of the reduced need for chewing power. That’s… Read more »

Learn How to Prevent Tooth Loss

If one or several older members of your family have lost teeth, then you might consider yourself more at-risk for losing teeth yourself. In some ways, this is true. For example, predispositions for conditions that lead to tooth loss, such as gum disease, can often be hereditary. However, losing teeth isn’t in itself something that… Read more »

The Most Common Reasons for Needing a Dental Crown

With their ability to completely restore a tooth despite severe levels of damage or infection, dental crowns can sometimes seem like a cure-all for any tooth concern you may have. Yet, the point of restoring a tooth isn’t just to fix it, but also to help you protect and preserve the healthy natural tooth structure… Read more »

How Does Teeth-Whitening Actually Work?

Of the many different options you have for improving your smile, professional teeth-whitening is one of the most frequently recommended ones. That’s because everyone develops teeth stains at some point in their lives, and most turn to teeth-whitening to improve their smiles’ appearance. At our El Paso, TX, dental office, we offer highly customized, gentle… Read more »

Why Chronic Headaches Could Mean Jaw Trouble

There could be any number of possible reasons for having a headache, but many people don’t usually consider their oral health to be one of them. However, if your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are not functioning properly, then your headaches may be just one of several different related aches and pains. At our El Paso, TX,… Read more »

How Dental Implants Could Change Your Life

Losing one or more teeth changes your life in several ways. The most notable change is in your smile’s appearance, which is why one of the most appealing aspects of modern dental prostheses is their ability to closely mimic healthy, natural teeth. However, there are several other, more impactful consequences of tooth loss that can… Read more »

Have a Bad Toothache? It Might Need Root Canal Therapy

A toothache can be obvious, but its cause isn’t always as easily identifiable. It can occur from a problem with your tooth structure, such as damage or decay, or it can result from gum tissues receding and exposing your teeth roots. For many patients at our El Paso, TX, dental office, a toothache that grows… Read more »

Things to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Porcelain Veneers

There are several different factors that can play into your smile’s overall appearance, most of which involve the health, integrity, and appearance of your teeth. Therefore, when you aren’t entirely satisfied with how your smile looks, designing the right cosmetic dentistry plan requires carefully customizing the most appropriate treatment for your needs. At our El… Read more »