Month: October 2018

Want to Know More About Tooth Extraction?

The goal of maintaining regular dental care is to help you preserve your smile, so when your dentist says that you need to extract a tooth, you wonder why. For many patients in El Paso, TX, however, it can be the most effective way to remove a serious threat to your oral health while also… Read more »

When a Dental Crown Is Your Best Option

Aside from the technology used to design them and the materials used to make them, dental crowns haven’t changed very much since they were first created centuries ago. That’s because the way they’re designed to cap and protect teeth remains a highly effective and efficient way to address multiple types of tooth problems. For patients… Read more »

Tired of Your Gummy Smile? Learn How to Fix It

If you have a gummy smile, which means certain areas of your gums cover more tooth structure than others, then you may or may not mind, depending on how much it affects your smile’s appearance. For many patients in El Paso, TX, it can have a significant impact, which is why many of them choose… Read more »

Things Your Toothache Could Be Telling You

The reason why toothaches and tooth sensitivity are the most common dental complaints is because they can occur for a wide variety of reasons. For instance, you might have one tooth that hurts severely, or you may have several teeth that are growing noticeably more sensitive, and the cause for each could be vastly different…. Read more »