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Treat Sleep Apnea Without A CPAP

In a recent blog, we discussed how bruxism or TMJ problems may be disrupting the quality of your rest. Along with these problems, snoring may be wreaking havoc on your circadian rhythm as well. If you frequently snore, or these sounds are loud enough to wake up your family members, you may have obstructive sleep… Read more »

Do You Have A Snoring Problem?

Whether you produce loud sounds while you slumber, or you hear your family member’s snores, this sleep disorder can be a nuisance to the entire household. Aside from the low-quality rest you get from your blocked airways at night, snoring can negatively impact your health. In today’s blog, Sunny Smiles Dentistry in El Paso, TX,… Read more »

Helping You With Your Snoring

Sunny Smiles Can Help with your snoring

If you tend to breathe loudly in your sleep, you may be harming the quality of your rest and your family members as well. Although this is a common problem for many adults, it can be a sign of something more serious. At Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX, we can help you treat this… Read more »

Get Help For Your Sleep Apnea

If often wake up other family members with your snoring, don’t feel well rested in the mornings, or feel out of breath in the middle of the night, you may have sleep apnea. While this is a common problem for many Americans, it can be detrimental to your physical, mental, and oral health. Sunny Smiles… Read more »

Embrace The Day With Better Sleep

Embrace the day El Paso TX

If you struggle to make it to lunchtime without feeling exhausted, it may be a sign that you have a common sleep disorder related to your oral health. Two of the five most common of these conditions center around the function of your mouth and your throat, and they can make it difficult to enjoy… Read more »

A Treatment For Your Sleep Apnea

Happy senior man sleeping in bed.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air? If this happens to you or you routinely wake up each morning feeling as if you have not slept, you may suffer from sleep apnea. Other symptoms include loud snoring that goes on through the night and painful headaches when you… Read more »

We Provide Help For Sleep Apnea

Sleeping elderly man

Do you wake up feeling restless each morning? Have others let you know that you snore loudly at night? When these symptoms present, they could mean that you have sleep apnea. Left untreated, this condition not only saps your energy but can serious risks to your heart health as well. In today’s blog, your Sunny… Read more »

How to Tell if You Might Have Sleep Apnea

When you know that you have sleep apnea, the need to treat it can seem obvious. However, if you don’t know that you have sleep apnea, you may not even realize it, despite the fact that the signs can become increasingly more apparent as time goes by. At our Northeast El Paso dental office, we… Read more »

A Guide to Having Sleep Apnea

If you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), then you may or may not realize it. The condition can deprive you of necessary sleep by constantly interrupting your sleep breathing pattern, but it doesn’t usually wake you from consciousness during these interruptions. As a result, you may be losing sleep long before you start to realize… Read more »

Have Sleep Apnea? What You Should Worry About Beside Snoring

When you have sleep apnea – a disorder that causes you to stop breathing in your sleep – one of the most obvious signs is a loud and distinct pattern of snoring. In fact, many patients mistake their sleep apnea for nothing more than a snoring habit, causing many of them to endure the condition… Read more »