Month: January 2018

Replacing a Single Tooth with a Dental Implant

Since they became a part of clinical dental health care, dental implants have become an essential resource for rebuilding patients’ smiles after having suffered tooth loss. For patients who’ve lost a significant amount of teeth, implants are well-known for their ability to preserve the health and integrity of their jawbones. However, even if you’ve only… Read more »

Why Do Teeth Wear Down?

Your teeth are the most formidable parts of your body, which they have to be given the fact that they’re also the most used. When healthy, your teeth can withstand an incredible amount of bite pressure with minimal effort. However, under certain circumstances, even highly resilient tooth structure can eventually wear down or become damaged,… Read more »

A Few Benefits of Cosmetic Gum Contouring

When you think of your smile’s appearance, your main concern may be how your teeth look. However, there’s more to a smile than just teeth, such as the gum line that surrounds and protects them. When your gum tissues cover an excessive or uneven amount of your teeth, their asymmetrical appearance can impact the overall… Read more »

Tips to Teach Kids Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is one of the first things we teach children, and it’s also one of the longest-lasting lessons that they carry with them. Nevertheless, those lessons aren’t always easy, and working together with your child’s dentist can be the best way to teach them. Fortunately, good hygiene practices aren’t necessarily difficult to learn; the… Read more »