Month: January 2022

Using A Lifelike Dental Crown To Restore A Tooth

You can arrive at the dentist’s office with more than a little concern over what treatment will do to your smile. If you need a dental filling or dental crown because of an oral health problem, will it draw unwanted attention? When it comes to restorative dental work, Sunny Smiles can prioritize your appearance as… Read more »

Stopping A Cavity With Root Canal Treatment

If something is wrong with your tooth, it can take a restorative dental procedure to address it and prevent further complications. Sometimes, a problem like with dental decay can be resolved with the placement of a dental filling. However, this is not always the case. The trouble with delays in cavity treatment is your tooth’s… Read more »

Using A Customized Teeth Whitening Kit

Are you truly prepared to take on the problems you have with the color of your smile? If you want to make significant changes to the way that you look, you can feel let down by the results offered by a store bought treatment. These can have some positive effects, but they can fail to… Read more »

Smile Changes Provided By Porcelain Veneers

Are you embarrassed by recent problems with your smile, or tired of feeling self-conscious about issues that have long made you unhappy with your appearance? Whether you want to address naturally occurring flaws or issues with dental damage or wear and tear, porcelain veneers can help. With these durable restorations, Sunny Smiles can make significant… Read more »

Dental Care For El Paso Area Children

When your child has access to the right pediatric dental care, they can gain more than just the kind of preventive services that adult patients receive. At Sunny Smiles, we work with families in and around El Paso to provide a quality treatment experience, one that helps kids feel at ease in the dentist’s chair…. Read more »

Restorative Dentistry And Smile Confidence

If you have to undergo treatment to restore the health of a tooth, can your dentist also restore its appearance? Patients who experience issues like dental decay or physical trauma may worry that their treatment will impact how they look by leaving a conspicuous filling or crown in place to provide functional support. For patients… Read more »

Saturday Appointments With Your Dentist

Even for people who realize the importance of consistent oral health care, it can be difficult to find time for dental appointments. Many practices only offer time to schedule treatments on weekdays during regular office hours. At Sunny Smiles, we make care easier to access by keeping our doors open on Saturdays, too! Because of… Read more »

Arranging Your Family’s Dental Checkups

Arranging the right oral health care benefits your family in important ways. Your own dental checkups and cleanings preserve your smile and bite function, and also prevent the onset of issues that can negatively impact your well-being over time. For your kids, pediatric oral health appointments provide an important introduction to dental care and also… Read more »

Cavity Treatment With Lifelike Tooth Fillings

Your goal should be to stay completely free of cavities at all times. Remember that even a small cavity is a problem, as its formation does permanent harm to your enamel. Responding to this issue calls for treatment that includes the placement of a permanent restoration, which will have to stay in place to protect… Read more »

Dental Checkups And Gingivitis Prevention

When you brush and floss your teeth, you can effectively protect yourself against several issues. You will remove bacteria as well as any food particles left from the day’s meals and snacks, lowering your risk for plaque and tartar buildup. This helps you avoid cavities, but it also helps you to stay protected against gingivitis…. Read more »