Month: October 2022

Staying Protected Through General Dentistry

What are you currently doing to protect your smile? If you want to avoid difficulties with your oral health over time, you should have a daily routine you follow that effectively protects your teeth and gums. You should also have support that comes from general dental appointments. At these appointments, you enjoy care in the… Read more »

How An Oral Guard Fits Into TMJ Therapy

The consistent pain and stiffness that accompany your jaw movements, along with headaches, facial discomfort, and other problems, can be a sign that you are struggling with TMJ disorder. If this is the case, you should know that you do not have to live with this discomfort, as Sunny Smiles is prepared to help you!… Read more »

Root Canals And Endodontic Troubles

What does it mean to have a problem that requires endodontic care? Endodontic services refer to treatments that address trouble within the tooth structure. An infection or injury can occur after physical trauma; it is also possible to develop an infection when a cavity remains untreated. Patients at Sunny Smiles can count on treatment in… Read more »

Responding To Trouble With A Dental Crown

Have you started to feel uncomfortable with a dental crown? This type of restoration provides important protection for a vulnerable tooth. Its placement is meant to provide long-term stability and support while remaining comfortable. When you no longer feel comfortable using the crown for bite support, or when you generally struggle with discomfort or the… Read more »

Providing Dental Care For Your Family

Your family may have different needs from a dentist, but you should all be able to count on the kind of smile care that helps you stay safe against threats to your appearance and well-being! You can appreciate the convenience of an all-ages dental office when you make appointments at Sunny Smiles. We provide oral… Read more »

Results Offered By Cosmetic Dentistry

How ready are you to show off your smile when you enter a room or pose for a photo? If you have doubts about your appearance because you have teeth that stand out due to their shape, size, or color, or if you have more general concerns about dental discoloration and damage, the right treatment… Read more »

Teeth Whitening Can Improve A Smile’s Dull Color

Your smile can become dull over time even if it has remained free from problems like tooth decay. Years of enjoying different foods and drinks that leave behind chromogens and tannins that stick to teeth will lead to worsening stains. As the problem becomes more pronounced, it can also become more difficult to address, as… Read more »

Seeking Help For A Dental Emergency

Seeking out the right help when you have some concerns about your oral health, or when you are interested in improving your smile, will be important. It can be especially important to secure the right treatment when you have a problem with your smile that feels urgent. Significant discomfort and issues with physical trauma can… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry Offers Lasting Protection

When patients at Sunny Smiles have problems that require restorative treatments, they can look forward to care that protects teeth and also preserves how they look! We can offer these kinds of results because we rely on dental crowns and dental fillings that can imitate your healthy enamel. In addition to matching the appearances of… Read more »

What Happens When You Miss A Dental Checkup?

Have you gone more than six months without a dental checkup? The more space you put between yourself and your more recent appointment, the more likely you are to be vulnerable to various oral health issues. Remember that a delay means you lose out on helpful feedback regarding the state of your smile as well… Read more »