Category: Emergency Dentistry

Actions To Take During A Dental Emergency

There are times when an oral health issue simply cannot wait, which means you will need to see your dentist in the shortest time possible. If you are not sure what your dentist can do for you on short notice, an already difficult problem can feel even more stressful. At Sunny Smiles, we want our… Read more »

Emergency Dentistry And Tooth Pain

The pain you feel may require prompt treatment. When cavities and physical injuries cause discomfort, it can warn you about an internal infection or damage that will put you at risk for losing your tooth! What can you do to make sure that you have the right restorative dental procedure performed in time to avoid… Read more »

Taking Care Of Your Dental Emergency

The longer you wait to say something to your dentist about a problem that bothers you, the more likely that oral health problem is to grow more serious. That can mean you need a more involved restorative procedure to address it, or it could even put you at increased risk for losing your tooth! Sunny… Read more »

Emergency Dentistry In The El Paso Area

When you do not have a reason to worry about your smile or oral health, you can have no trouble waiting the usual six months between dental appointments. Unfortunately, unexpected problems can leave you in need of an appointment sooner rather than later. Sunny Smiles provides emergency services for people in the El Paso area,… Read more »

Does A Toothache Call For Urgent Care?

Any sign of trouble with your smile can make you concerned. With that said, a problem that causes you discomfort can be more than concerning, as it can be downright difficult to ignore the pain you are in! Because this can be both a difficult issue to endure and a real sign of oral health… Read more »

When You Need Help With A Toothache

If you start to feel the worrying ache of tooth pain, or have a difficult time ignoring the degree of sensitivity that now affects a tooth, a trip to the dentist’s office can certainly be beneficial. By bringing up the matter and having it evaluated, you can learn about a dental problem that will keep… Read more »

We Can Help During Your Dental Emergency

While a dental emergency can be a scary and upsetting problem to experience, knowing you have help can provide relief. Patients at Sunny Smiles have access to care on short notice when they need it. Patients can reach out to us about issues with dental pain or an injury, which means they spend less time… Read more »

Seeing Someone About A Dental Emergency

There are situations where dental problems require prompt care. For example, if you injure your tooth, you can find yourself with an alarming discomfort as well as trouble with your appearance. In situations where you need to see someone as soon as possible, you should know that Sunny Smiles is here to provide emergency dental… Read more »

What Can You Expect From Emergency Dentistry?

You can find that your dentist has convenient options for routine appointments, but sometimes you need to seek professional treatment as soon as possible. If you find yourself in this situation, what can you do to undergo urgent dental work in the El Paso area? At Sunny Smiles, we want our patients to know that… Read more »

Emergency Work For A Tooth Injury

Injuries that affect your smile can require prompt care. While it is hard to find many positives when you experience dental trauma, it can be a relief to know that Sunny Smiles is ready to offer support on short notice. During emergency dental work, we can tend to a problem with physical harm as well… Read more »