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Emergency Relief For Your Toothache

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If you wake up with a constant toothache that will not go away after more than a day, please give us a call right away. This is a common sign of a dangerous infection that left alone, risks spreading to other parts of your body. We can grant an appointment to X-ray your problem tooth… Read more »

Immediate Service For Your Dental Emergency

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When you have a dental injury, the pain can quickly feel overwhelming. Because these situations can happen when you least expect them, having a game plan on who to contact can help speed up the care you receive. That’s why we offer emergency services to treat your tooth outside of your standard appointments. When infection… Read more »

We Can Respond To Your Dental Emergency

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A tooth injury can strike when you least expect it. While attending dental checkups helps you reduce the likelihood of cavities and other oral threats, sometimes a problem can develop that requires immediate attention. If you crack, chip, or knock out a tooth, you should seek care to relieve your pain and prevent the damage… Read more »

Call Us When You Have A Dental Emergency

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An injury to your tooth or mouth can happen completely unexpected. While your oral hygiene habits can maintain healthy, robust teeth, an accident or sports injury can quickly cause immense pain and impact your smile. When this happens it can be difficult to concentrate on navigating the smile care landscape. That’s why having a plan… Read more »

We Offer Emergency Dental Care

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Dental injuries can happen when you least expect them. You could wake up with a serious toothache or have an accident that traumatizes one of your teeth. In these situations, it can be difficult to concentrate on the steps for receiving care. Fortunately, we can evaluate your injury and guide you through what to do…. Read more »

Offering Valuable Emergency Dental Care

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Whenever you experience a sudden injury or painful toothache that will not go away, it can cause a large amount of stress. You may feel anxious about what condition is developing in your mouth or unsure about the steps required to treat it. By relying upon your dentist for a professional evaluation of your emergency,… Read more »

Responding To Your Dental Emergency

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Suddenly injuring one of your teeth can be a frustrating, painful experience that you have difficulty navigating. While time is of the essence to preserve your tooth and heal your pain, knowing who to contact ahead of time can lead to receiving more prompt care. Fortunately, we know that your tooth can crack, break, or… Read more »

What To Do Following A Dental Emergency

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When you have a dental emergency, this means you need to see us right away. Even outside of normal business hours, we’re ready to help you. But you can also take actions to limit the severity of the concern and ease discomfort. In today’s blog, Sunny Smiles explains how to respond to dental emergencies.

Dental Emergencies Require Immediate Treatment

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When you sustain damage to a tooth, such as a fracture or chip, or if you have sudden toothaches or compromised restorations, then you need treatment. These are dental emergencies that need immediate attention to preserve your smile. In today’s blog, we’re looking at treating dental emergencies.

Don’t Ignore A Potential Dental Emergency

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If you have pain in a tooth, or if a tooth has been chipped or cracked, these are just a few examples of a dental emergency. Without treatment, your tooth could be vulnerable to tooth decay and even painful infections! To avoid tooth loss and discomfort, you need to see your El Paso, TX, dentists… Read more »