Month: July 2022

Cosmetic Treatments That Whiten Teeth

Is there something you can do to address the problem of dental discoloration? On your own, you can see some benefits to the use of store bought whitening agents, but you can fail to see the improvements that you hoped to show off. Fortunately, you can take on tougher discoloration and see more impressive results… Read more »

Dental Crown Placement In The El Paso Area

Where can you turn for smile care in the El Paso area when you need a dental crown? Sunny Smiles can provide a custom crown that offers the support you need. Your needs for support can vary based on which tooth in your smile is affected. For those who have problems with back teeth that… Read more »

General Dentistry For Patients Of All Ages

Is it time for you to schedule a general dental checkup for yourself or a loved one? Instead of dealing with different dental offices and taking family members to different locations, you can find an all-ages oral health practice that can see everyone in your household! Sunny Smiles offers general dentistry for patients of all… Read more »

When Your Dentist Recommends Restorative Work

Hopefully, you begin each routine dental exam feeling confident that you will not have oral health issues that need attention. You can feel more sure of your dental health when you keep up with a daily routine that thoroughly fights bacteria and food particle buildup. It can also help to be consistent about scheduling preventive… Read more »

Can TMJ Therapy Lead To Pain Relief?

Pain should not be a recurring problem when you bite and chew; if you have trouble with jaw movement, you can benefit from discussing TMJ therapy with your dentist. Sunny Smiles can offer treatment that helps you correct problems with poor joint alignment and movement. In addition to helping you bite and chew more comfortably,… Read more »

How Dental Cleanings Fight Tartar Formation

Are you currently doing enough to stop tartar accumulation from hurting your smile? If you brush and floss consistently, you can control plaque buildup and protect yourself against the formation of tartar. Unfortunately, even with consistent routines in place, people can be more prone to missing plaque and letting the material harden than you realize…. Read more »

Identifying A Need For Cavity Treatment

Do you really need your dentist to tell you that you have a cavity? As decay spreads and harms more of your tooth structure, you can become uncomfortable enough to recognize that something is wrong. However, you should know that a cavity can make restorative treatment necessary before you start to experience discomfort. The good… Read more »

Accessing El Paso Area Dental Care On Weekends

Is there something standing between you and dental care? For many people, scheduling can become a frustrating obstacle, as they can find it hard to book appointments during the weekdays. Sunny Smiles makes oral health services more accessible to El Paso area families by keeping our office doors open on weekends! Saturday office hours at… Read more »

Dental Care For Your Youngest Family Members

There are actions you can, and should, take to help your kids maintain healthy teeth. During their earliest years, you provide direct support by gently cleaning their teeth and protecting them from cavities. When they are older, you can continue to support them by giving them guidance on good hygiene habits and providing healthy meals… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry In The El Paso, TX Area

Are you ready to fix a certain smile flaw that has made you self-conscious? Are you interested in seeing how you can make changes that help you look younger and more attractive? These are just a few examples of what can motivate people to look into cosmetic dentistry. As you explore your options for treatment,… Read more »