Cosmetic Dentistry In The El Paso, TX Area

Are you ready to fix a certain smile flaw that has made you self-conscious? Are you interested in seeing how you can make changes that help you look younger and more attractive? These are just a few examples of what can motivate people to look into cosmetic dentistry. As you explore your options for treatment, you can discover that exciting improvements are easier to access than you might initially suspect. Sunny Smiles provides multiple treatment options for people who want to change how they look for the better. With the right procedure, you can show off a smile that is brighter, more uniform, and no longer held back by conspicuous issues with teeth that are misshapen, damaged, or out of alignment.

Are You Ready To Learn How You Can Improve Your Smile?

Because there are several cosmetic dental procedures that we offer, there are several options for helping patients who want to do something about their flawed appearances. We can recommend care that can take on several problems at one time, or we can look at treatment options that yield results while minimizing the actual changes to your tooth structure. The sooner you commit to making improvements to your smile, the sooner you can proceed with care that increases your confidence and dazzles others!

Discussing Treatment Options For Discolored Teeth

Dental discoloration is a common problem, but its cause is not always enamel stains. It is also possible for you to have embarrassing issues with teeth that appear dull or off-white because of changes within the tooth structure. For intrinsic discoloration, we can recommend services like tooth bonding treatment and the placement of porcelain veneers. In cases where the problem is significant, we may even need to recommend that you have crowns placed! For those patients who are affected by enamel stains, we can recommend a professional teeth whitening kit that lets you fight tough stains from the comfort of your home.

Correcting Problems With Damaged, Misshapen, And Otherwise Flawed Teeth

When you have problems with the shape, size, condition, or alignment of your teeth, there are procedures available to help you. We can fix your smile by performing tooth bonding and contouring work. This will carefully reshape teeth and cover up any visible issues so that they look more attractive overall. Our practice can also rely on veneers to make meaningful corrections to your smile. With their placement, we can take on concerns about a smile that is asymmetrical, affected by damage, discolored, or flawed in other ways. These restorations are thin enough to only require minimal preparatory work and overall changes to your tooth structure.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Your Interest In Cosmetic Dentistry!

Through cosmetic dental work, we can help patients show off remarkable smile improvements! If you would like to learn what we can do for you, contact our Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd today at 915-849-9000.