Month: April 2021

When Is A Root Canal Called For?

Different procedures to treat cavities exist because, simply put, some patients will experience more damage from decay than others before they see their dentist. If you regularly attend routine exams, you can avoid problems with serious dental problems and be more likely to only need a filling for your treatment. However, someone who is not… Read more »

Using A Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

After using a teeth whitening kit that you purchased from your grocery store or pharmacy, you may have felt deflated by how little your smile changed. While over the counter whitening agents can be easy to find, they can lack effectiveness, which means you can remain dissatisfied with the way you look. If you want… Read more »

The Trouble With Skipping Dental Checkups

Is it time for you to schedule your next dental exam? Unless you are told otherwise by your dentist, you should arrange a checkup every six months to stay current with preventive care. Delaying appointments, or taking a break from scheduled care, can lead to issues like tartar buildup, and even lead to the onset… Read more »

Scheduling Dental Care On A Saturday

How hectic is your typical weekday? Between work and family obligations, people sometimes struggle to make time for themselves, even when their concerns are centered on their health and well-being. If you find that arranging a dental appointment during the week is difficult, Sunny Smiles can help by welcoming you to schedule a Saturday dental… Read more »

Arranging Dental Visits For Your Family

child at the dentist's office

While everyone in your family should maintain attractive, healthy teeth, you and your kids can have different needs and concerns when it comes to dental care. Simply put, children know less about oral hygiene, or about the threat posed by problems like cavities. Because of this, they can benefit from more guidance and instruction at… Read more »

Your Interest In Cosmetic Dentistry

man with good smile

With the right treatment, you can start showing off a smile that is bright, symmetrical, and youthful. While you may not be surprised to hear that cosmetic dentistry can produce positive changes, you may be surprised at how much your appearance can change through a conservative treatment. Sunny Smiles provides patients with several treatment options… Read more »

Your Smile After Restorative Treatment

After a successful cavity treatment, you can be free of problems with your oral health. Will you also be free of issues with your smile? Patients who come to Sunny Smiles for restorative treatment can undergo dental care that preserves their appearance. We use fillings and crowns that are capable of matching the look of… Read more »

Dental Crowns Can Address Tooth Injuries

While dental decay is a serious problem, one that calls for a visit with your dentist, it is not the only issue that can create difficulties for your oral health. While they are protected by a strong outer layer of enamel, teeth are still vulnerable to physical harm. If your tooth is broken, chipped, or… Read more »

Schedule Teeth Cleanings To Fight Tartar

Are you doing an effective job fighting tartar buildup? Every time you brush and floss your teeth, you can remove bacteria and food debris, as well as any plaque buildup, before tartar can start to form on your smile. Unfortunately, one thing you are not able to do is remove tartar buildup that is already… Read more »

Treating A Dental Emergency

At Sunny Smiles, we regularly see patients for routine preventive dental care. These preventive appointments play an important role in helping a person maintain their well-being over time. After all, they provide cleanings and evaluations that reduce your risk for problems and lead to their identification and early treatment. While we certainly hope you only… Read more »