Repairing Your Tooth With A Dental Crown

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Any injury that compromises the surface of your tooth can have a serious impact on your oral health. While a simple chip or crack may appear purely cosmetic, these breaks expose the insides of your tooth to harmful oral bacteria that threaten to form cavities and infection. Whether from physical trauma or a case of tooth decay, we can provide a restoration to restore your tooth’s surface and improve its appearance. In today’s blog, our team discusses placing dental crowns to repair your tooth and preserve your smile!


Receiving Regular Dental Checkups

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Attending your dental checkups regularly provides ongoing opportunities to ensure the health and appearance of your smile. A preventative approach to smile care means identifying problem areas before they become significant, and providing the appropriate treatments when necessary. We suggest that all members of your family schedule an appointment twice per year or every six months. In today’s blog, your Sunny Smiles dentist describes the benefits of receiving routine dental care!


General Dentistry Can Safeguard Your Smile

happy family general dentistry conceptGeneral dentistry involves comfortable and noninvasive treatments to help you avoid the complications of serious oral health issues, including tooth decay and gum disease. In today’s blog, Sunny Smiles wants to talk about our general dental procedures, and how these can help strengthen your teeth and gums. We provide these services for kids as well as adults, making us an ideal location for families who want to make sure everyone in the household has the right smile care. When you practice better preventive oral health measures, you lower the likelihood that you will find your way back to our office because of pain, sensitivity, or some other sign of trouble. You can also have an easier time keeping your smile in a condition that makes you comfortable showing it off! (more…)