Booking Your Dental Visit On A Saturday

The consistency of your dental visits is important. When you fall out of the habit of booking these appointments on a regular basis, you make yourself vulnerable to problems that threaten your health as well as your appearance. With that said, we understand that it can be difficult for some people to find the time in their schedule for an appointment. If this is the case for you, know that Sunny Smiles provides dental office hours on Saturdays. By doing so, we can make it easier for people who struggle to find time for care during the week to book their next appointment. That means they stay on top of their oral hygiene needs and have timely support if a problem arises and affects their health. (more…)

Can My Dentist Update Me On My Gum Health?

How can you tell if your gums are healthy? Knowing what state these tissues are in is more important than you might anticipate. If you let problems form and go untreated, an infection can turn into a serious concern, one that makes you vulnerable to potentially serious issues with your smile and overall well-being. There are signs of gingivitis that you can watch for on your own, but you can also turn to Sunny Smiles for support in this matter! This is because we can provide regular updates about the state of your periodontal health when you come in for regular dental exams. We can also offer insights into better smile care at home, which will help you avoid further difficulties with gingivitis and other threats. (more…)

Your Access To Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dental services are something you want to have access to, even if they are a form of care you hopefully never need to secure for yourself. At a time when it is necessary to see someone on short notice, it can be a relief to know that your dentist is ready to help. Sunny Smiles is ready to take on problems that need attention on short notice. Because we are ready to provide emergency dental services to people in and around the El Paso area, we can step in and take care of you if you have a problem with dental pain, worries over an injury, or any other issue that can require care on prompt treatment. (more…)

Start Discussing Veneers With Your Dentist

When you choose to ask about cosmetic dentistry, you can start a conversation with your dentist that leads to your smile improving in many ways. Sunny Smiles offers different treatment options, including options for care that rely on custom porcelain veneers. With these restorations, we can cover up different kinds of flaws that make you unhappy with how you look. Once these restorations are placed, you can show off a more attractive smile, one that is brighter, more uniform, and free of visible wear and tear. This is not your only option for cosmetic dentistry, but it is one that can provide lasting value while keeping care conservative. (more…)

The Long-Term Importance Of General Dentistry

How much are you currently doing to take care of your smile? If you only count on the protection you can provide yourself at home, your dental health can ultimately suffer. When you take on issues with your health and well-being by visiting your dentist regularly, you receive more important support and can avoid threats to your teeth and gums! Sunny Smiles provides consistent general services to patients of all ages. That means El Paso families can rely on us for their smile care needs whether they want to come in for routine services or take on more advanced concerns. (more…)

We Provide Dental Work For Adults And Kids

Does everyone in your family have a healthy smile? Would you like to make dental care more convenient for your household? Sunny Smiles welcomes El Paso families by providing all-ages dental services. Because we offer both pediatric and adult general dental care, we can welcome you and your kids for treatment. Our younger patients depend on us for more than just evaluations. We provide a warm and welcoming introduction to the dentist’s office as well as instructions on practicing good hygiene. Adults who schedule visits with us can look forward to consistent care along with access to different beneficial services, including cosmetic care. (more…)

Reassuring Details About Treating Dental Pain

The start of a toothache can make you uneasy. As the pain continues to affect you, it can become more difficult to ignore that something is wrong, and that you are likely in need of a trip to the dentist’s office. What you should know is that Sunny Smiles is prepared to help when this kind of issue affects a patient. We are prepared to provide restorative services that address the source of discomfort, and we can follow that initial care with treatment to cap a tooth and keep it secure. We can even bring you in and care for you when you need treatment on short notice! (more…)

The Right Results From Restorative Dentistry

The role your dentist plays in protecting your smile is important even when you have no active cavities to worry about. Routine dental checkups provide feedback about the state of your oral health, and they provide opportunities to have tartar and plaque removed from your teeth. You can rely on Sunny Smiles to consistently protect your smile during preventive services. You should know that we are also prepared to help you when there are problems present and restorative work needs to be provided. In these circumstances, we can offer treatment that preserves your appearance and also keeps teeth safe after being treated! (more…)

Why You Should Book Regular Dental Cleanings

How important is it to see your dentist on a consistent basis? Going without your regular checkups and dental cleanings can lead to different consequences. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that active oral health issues that require treatment can form and begin to worsen before you realize on your own that something is wrong. Sunny Smiles can provide you with important feedback about the state of your smile and health. In addition to updating you about your oral health, we can provide thorough cleanings that will remove tartar deposits and plaque that have gathered since your last appointment. This reduces your risk for future problems with gum disease and tooth decay. (more…)

Cosmetic Changes Made Through Tooth Bonding

There are different cosmetic problems that make people unhappy with how they look. Whether you have one problem with your appearance or several, you can be surprised at how much good one cosmetic procedure can be for making desired changes. Sunny Smiles offers different cosmetic services to the El Paso, TX area, including tooth bonding and contouring work. These services can work together to dramatically improve the appearances of teeth that look unattractive, as well as those that are a poor fit for your smile. Depending on the number of teeth that you hope to restore, this work can produce all of your desired changes in as little as one visit! (more…)