3 Common Issues Addressed Through Cosmetic Dentistry

People who start looking into cosmetic dentistry can be motivated by different concerns. For some, a procedure can potentially address naturally occurring smile flaws that have always made them feel less than confident in the way they look. Others will identify how gradual changes have hurt the way their teeth look, or seek treatment in response to an injury that negatively affects their appearance. Sunny Smiles provides several services that target esthetic problems for patients wishing to improve the way they look. You may be surprised to learn that all of your current anxieties about the look of your teeth can be addressed with just one procedure! (more…)

How A Family Dentist Helps Kids Learn Proper Oral Hygiene

With the right approach to oral hygiene, people of all ages can effectively fight the buildup of plaque and food debris that can lead to oral health troubles. Adults tend to be deeply familiar with good oral hygiene practices, but children have to learn the basics of caring for their teeth and gums in order to avoid problems that require restorative dentistry. Parents can provide guidance, but kids also receive important instructions from their dentist during pediatric dental exams. Our practice has experience working with kids on developing good oral hygiene habits. These instructions, along with consistent preventive care, will make it easier for them to grow up with healthy, lovely smiles! (more…)

Why We Discuss Periodontal Care During Dental Checkups

As important as it is to keep your teeth in good condition, their health is not your dentist’s only concern during a routine dental checkup. These visits also focus on your periodontal health. By doing so, we are able to watch for any worrying signs of infection that should be addressed. If you show signs of gingivitis during an appointment, we can recommend a periodontal cleaning, or scaling and root planing, to stop the infection from growing more serious in time. The goal of preventive dental appointments is to protect your smile from the different issues that can form and impact your well-being. While cavities are a serious concern, you should also see gum disease as a real problem, as it can lead to tooth loss and problems for your general health when it is not managed properly. (more…)

We Can Place A Dental Filling That Matches Your Enamel

If you have a cavity, some form of restorative dental work will need to take place to stop it from doing any more harm to your enamel. Patients who are consistent about scheduling dental exams can count on their dentist to spot signs of decay in their earlier stages. This early detection can ensure that a cavity is dealt with while it is still small enough to be addressed with a dental filling. Patients at Sunny Smiles will receive dental fillings that actually match the color and texture of their enamel. What this means is that they can have their tooth restored without having its appearance changed. Even if decay forms in an area that is difficult to hide, you will not have to worry about a conspicuous restoration permanently affecting your smile! (more…)

Can One Cosmetic Procedure Give You A Smile Makeover?

The idea of a smile makeover can be attractive to many people, but it can also sound like something that is effectively out of their reach. Meaningful changes that address all of your current concerns must call for several procedures…right? As you learn more about cosmetic dentistry, you can find out how the treatment options available to you can do more for the way you look than you realize. With just one procedure, it is possible to take on problems with dental discoloration, wear and tear, problems with naturally misshapen teeth, and even issues with spacing! During a visit to discuss your options for treatment, you can find out what the right procedure might look like for you, and also learn if there are any issues with your smile that might call for restorative dentistry. (more…)

How Will I Know If My Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out?

While you may already know many people who have had their wisdom teeth removed, you may not know if your teeth need to be taken out, or when that extraction might need to occur. It is important to make sure that issues with wisdom teeth are addressed early. If these teeth erupt when there is not enough space for them, they can become impacted. This means that they are not able to arrive properly, and can press against neighboring teeth to cause painful problems with tooth crowding. Sunny Smiles is able to help patients with the safe extraction of their wisdom teeth. We can also check on the status of these teeth during regular dental exams, which will allow us to alert you if it appears your wisdom teeth will be arriving soon! (more…)

Using Porcelain Veneers To Deal With Teeth Spacing Issues

The way your teeth are spaced can significantly impact your confidence in your smile. Problems with the way they are spaced can leave unsightly gaps that you wish to hide, and they can cause issues with overlaps that make teeth look recessed, jagged, or otherwise out of place. For some patients, problems with poor smile alignment can actually be addressed with cosmetic dental work. If you qualify, your teeth can be improved with the placement of porcelain veneers. Veneers are custom-made shells that are bonded to your enamel. Unlike crowns, which completely cover teeth, veneers only have to cover the fronts of teeth to hide issues with the way you look. This minimizes the preparatory work needed while still ensuring that you have the esthetic changes you desire! (more…)

Can A Dental Crown Address Flaws That Hurt Your Smile?

If a single tooth in your smile is misshapen, discolored, damaged, or undersized, it can be hard to feel confident in your appearance. Because they can be designed to imitate healthy teeth, dental crowns can actually help address these problems and make patients more comfortable in the way they look. The placement of these restorations also help improve bite function, which will have long-term value for those whose tooth issues stem from problems with the health or size of a tooth. Our practice can also provide smile improvements through cosmetic dental services. While cosmetic treatments are not focused on making changes that improve your bite function or protect a vulnerable tooth, they can increase your smile confidence while limiting changes to your tooth structure. (more…)

What Concerns Are Covered At A General Dentist’s Office?

How much can you really discuss with your dentist when you go in for a routine oral health evaluation? Sunny Smiles is prepared to talk with patients about a variety of concerns. In addition to helping you recognize when you need cavity treatment, or when you current routine is not effective against tartar accumulation, we can discuss matters like periodontal health, cosmetic dental work, and more! Our practice is also prepared to help children develop good habits and learn the importance of good oral hygiene. You can count on our practice to help you stay informed about the state of your smile, recommend treatment when something is wrong, and effectively provide support to everyone in your family! (more…)

Can I Book A Dental Appointment On A Weekend?

While you take your dental health seriously, you may see a routine dental exam as something you simply cannot make space for on your already packed calendar. Does this mean you should simply keep postponing your next checkup? If you do this, you can allow more tartar to form on teeth and cause problems for your well-being. You can also allow problems that require restorative dentistry already to worsen and do more harm to your tooth structure. Patients at Sunny Smiles can have an easier time finding time for care, as our practice does offer weekend hours. This means that you can come in to see us at a more convenient time and stay on track with your smile care! (more…)