Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning!

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What habits help you present the best smile possible? Brushing and flossing certainly form the bedrock of clean and healthy teeth by removing plaque deposits that can form on their surface. When you double up your smile protection with regular cleanings and examinations, you give yourself the full preventive smile care package. Because certain oral threats require a professional eye to detect and remove, skipping your dental visits can lead to unfortunate decay and infection outcomes. If it has been longer than a year since your last checkup, we highly encourage you to schedule a visit right away! In addition to treating any active concerns we discover at your cleaning, regular visitation allows us to create a dental record that tracks sudden changes as the years go by. This can lead to more prompt detection and preservation of your healthy tissues!

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we prefer taking a proactive attitude toward your oral health. This means not waiting until painful symptoms appear to call the dentist’s office, but instead visiting regularly to inspect your health before things become worse. This could mean discovering a cavity when it is small enough for a filling instead of waiting until it turns into a painful infection.


A Permanent Treatment For Missing Teeth

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If you are dealing with losing one of your teeth, you know how disruptive it can be to your daily life. Certain activities you once took for granted can become rather difficult. You find yourself avoiding favorite foods that risk damaging the socket left behind. If your voice sounds different, it is because we use our teeth to help us articulate our speech. Because your jaw must shift to complete your bite, you can find straining on the joint leaving constant aches and pain. Left untreated, this can even lead to a disorder called TMD. As time goes by, neighboring teeth begin to drift into the open area, causing problems with your dental alignment. Malocclusion can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease, so think of these possibilities when considering a prosthetic replacement.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we place dental implants to help you take on your problems with dental loss. We understand that the right approach to smile restoration can give you back your confidence after losing a tooth. This prosthetic treatment offers permanent support by binding inside your jawbone to hold a false tooth above the gum line. Because your post connects to the bone, it can restore stimulation that helps you maintain jaw density and preserve your youthful appearance.


Services For Lifting Smile Stains

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Have you been wondering how to treat stains on the surface of your teeth? If your smile is not as bright as it appears in more recent photographs, we could design a custom treatment to lift discoloration and return your original bright shade. Although stains are a generally cosmetic issue, they can cause others to think something is wrong with your oral hygiene. This means that the right approach to whitening treatment can instill confidence in your smile once again. If you are looking for a certain mental boost, find out how teeth whitening and porcelain veneers provide your original look.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand that your smile is the center of attention whenever you make an impression. This means that complementing your natural beauty goes a long way toward enhancing how you feel about yourself. Even though smile flaws can build gradually over the years, you can treat them in a handful of visits for cosmetic dental treatment. You may be tempted by promises of over-the-counter whitening products, but they do not come with the skilled eye of a trained professional. We offer service customized directly to the level of stains that you experience, allowing us to dial in your results with precision and accuracy.


Immediate Relief For Your Chronic Toothache

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If you experience a toothache that lasts longer than a single day, do not put off telling your dentist. Constant dental pain is the primary symptom of a dangerous infection, that left alone could travel through your bloodstream to other parts of the body. By scheduling an emergency dental appointment, we can see you right away to X-ray your tooth, and determine if treatment is necessary. A root canal procedure can clean out all foreign material and seal the inner tooth chamber to protect your tooth from reinfection. This preserves the majority of your healthy tooth, while immediately dealing with the pain from your inflammatory response. This makes root canal therapy a highly valuable alternative to extracting your problem tooth.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand that dental emergencies happen when you least expect them. This is why we schedule visits outside of your normal cleaning schedule to provide prompt relief when you need it most. By treating your infection, we prevent further damage from accumulating and can begin planning restorative treatments to repair the damage.


Is It Time For A Dental Checkup?

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What steps do you take to protect your smile? The oral hygiene habits you perform each day form the basis for your care, but regular checkups are necessary to catch threats you cannot see on your own. If it has been a while since your last checkup, there is always time to schedule a cleaning and exam to get back on track. We can help remove bacterial deposits that you cannot handle on your own and alert you when cavities or other harms appear. By taking regular X-rays of your oral structures, we create a dental record that highlights whenever any changes appear. This means that taking an hour out of your day every six months can greatly prevent the need for more intensive restorative procedures further down the line.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we are your partner when it comes to healthy smiles. This means combining at-home preventive efforts with regular checkups to observe and report any concerns that require additional support. If we detect a cavity, we can place a filling in the same visit. If we find something more substantial, we work with you to plan a follow-up restorative procedure.


Restoring Your Missing Tooth With An Implant

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If you have recently lost one of your teeth, it can become quite a disappointment. Dental loss immediately impacts your life in a variety of ways. While the effect on your smile’s appearance may be obvious, you immediately lose important functional aspects as well. Activities you once found simple like eating become more difficult as you avoid sharp or hard foods that hurt the open socket in your mouth. Because we rely on our teeth to help form words, you notice your speech begins to sound somewhat strange. To compensate for your awkward bite, you begin shifting your jaw in positions that put a strain on its joint. Over time this can lead to a painful condition called TMJ disorder. Without replacement, your alignment becomes even worse as neighboring teeth drift into the open area. But with the aid of a prosthetic implant tooth, you can restore your bite’s function and appearance at the same time!

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we know what a difference the right approach to replacing a missing tooth can make. When you visit our office, we can examine the extent of your dental loss, and provide a solution that restores your smile and preserves your bite’s function. With a dental implant, you can maintain important jawbone density by reintroducing the force of your bite through a titanium metal rod. This benefit is a unique aspect of implant dentistry that you cannot achieve with a traditional bridge or denture. To learn more, schedule an appointment with our team today!


Dental Treatment For Your TMJ Disorder

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Do you suffer from chronic soreness around your jaw joints or wake up with tension headaches that last through the day? These are common symptoms of a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), that without treatment, can become progressively worse. As the pain builds, your ability to concentrate on daily tasks and enjoy your quality of life quickly diminishes. Fortunately, we can offer a non-invasive dental treatment to guide your jaw into a more comfortable position and relieve your pain. By creating a BPA-free, custom oral appliance, we fit a guard to your specific bite. When you wear your appliance at night, you can enjoy waking up feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand the unique difficulties of living with TMJ disorder. Your jaw can become extremely difficult to properly open and shut. Not only does this cause pain, but it can make simple activities like communication and enjoying your meals rather difficult. With successful TMD treatment, we seek to restore your ability to perform these functions and preserve the health of your jaw joints. Early intervention can prevent the condition from becoming worse and lead to more invasive or surgical procedures. While TMD has many causes, we are happy to investigate yours and provide an extensive diagnosis and treatment.


Treating Your Smile Discoloration

Is your smile as bright as you would like it to be? If stains or a yellow hue are building on the surface of your teeth, cosmetic dental treatment can restore your original, bright shade. While your smile could be otherwise completely healthy, discoloration can cause others to question your oral hygiene. This can alter your confidence when taking in your appearance. For your mental well-being and sense of self, a whitening treatment could be just the boost you need! By exploring other cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers, you can learn how we address multiple smile imperfections at the same time.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we prioritize your appearance along with your oral health. This is because our day-to-day lives can rapidly take a toll on the appearance of our teeth. From certain food and drinks to minor physical injuries, smile flaws build little by little until they become quite noticeable. While over-the-counter treatment may seem convenient, our professional services take your specific level of needed care into direct view. You deserve the best when it comes to tackling stains.


Scheduling Your Next Dental Cleaning

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Do you stay on top of your visits to the dentist? If it has been a while since you last sat for a cleaning, remember it’s never too late to get back on track! By receiving a professional cleaning, you require the assistance necessary to help fight tooth decay and prevent gum disease. While this routine procedure does not take more than an hour, scheduling them every six months supports your at-home care to help you preserve your smile! By examining your oral structures regularly, we create a dental record that allows us to detect any abrupt changes as soon as they occur. If we discover any active concern during your checkup, we can address it then or refer you to a follow-up appointment for a more involved procedure.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we take a preventive approach toward preserving your smile. You do your part by brushing and flossing each day, and we do ours by providing professional cleanings and inspections. Because plaque can harden into a calcified substance called tartar, you require the skill of a hygienist to make sure your mouth is fully clean. Otherwise waiting to schedule a visit until you experience painful symptoms can mean it’s too late to preserve certain structures.


A Prosthetic Solution For Missing Teeth

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If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you understand how quickly it can impact your day-to-day life. While the esthetic effect on your smile is quite obvious, dental loss can quickly harm the functional ability of your bite. Certain foods you once enjoyed may be too hard or sharp to risk touching the open gap in your grin. Because we use our teeth to help articulate speech, you can find your voice sounding a bit odd. Without treatment, your bite can become progressively worse as the remaining teeth shift toward the hole in your smile. Fortunately, we can restore your smile with the aid of a prosthetic implant tooth.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand how frustrating losing a tooth can be. That’s why we counsel our patients on methods for restoring their smiles through the use of prosthetics. Implants offer a permanent replacement tooth by replicating the function of your missing tooth’s root. By securing tightly within your jawbone, your post can hold a variety of prosthetics above the gumline depending on your level of missing teeth. When you understand the options available for tackling this issue, you can feel confident about regaining your bite!