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Preventing Periodontal Disease

When you go in for your biannual cleaning, you may notice that your dentist asks you if you floss and how often. This is because flossing is an additional step in keeping your gums healthy. When it comes to oral health, your periodontal tissue should not be overlooked. Sunny Smiles of El Paso, TX, is… Read more »

Keep Up With Your Gum Health

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When you brush, are you making sure to go all the way down to your gums? Your gum health is a vital part of your smile maintenance, and if you are only focusing on your teeth when you brush and floss, you are at risk. Gingivitis can start to develop, and when this becomes periodontal… Read more »

Recognizing and Treating Gingivitis

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Most people have experienced bleeding gums at some point. But they may not be aware that it is one of the first signs of a more serious gingival infection. In today’s blog, Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry discusses the signs of gingivitis and how to proactively treat it and prevent more severe forms of gum disease.

Maintaining A Healthy Smile After Gum Disease

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Living with gum disease requires constant monitoring of your oral health to maintain a healthy smile. This is because an infection that reaches the jawbone become permanent. However, by attending cleanings and exams on a regular basis, you may be able to detect an infection when it is in its reversible initial stage. At each… Read more »

Restoring Your Gums After An Infection

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When you look at your smile in the mirror, are your gums at the same level as in years past? If your gumline begins to recede, it could be a sign of a latent gum infection. Other common signs include sore tissues, chronic bad breath, and bleeding whenever you brush or floss. By reporting these… Read more »

Practices To Maintain Your Healthy Gums

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Have you noticed a recession in your gumline compared to when you were younger? If you are concerned about the movement of your gums, talk to your dentist about strategies to improve their health. They could inspect your smile for evidence of gum infection and provide periodontal maintenance when necessary. Gum disease results from an… Read more »

Taking Steps To Improve Your Gum Health

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Have you started to see a shift in your gumline? When this happens, take the time to meet with your dentist to see what is going on. This may be a result of an infection within your periodontal tissue, and it is important to take steps to keep your gums safe. Gum disease is a… Read more »

Is It Time For A Dental Checkup?

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What steps do you take to protect your smile? The oral hygiene habits you perform each day form the basis for your care, but regular checkups are necessary to catch threats you cannot see on your own. If it has been a while since your last checkup, there is always time to schedule a cleaning… Read more »

Dental Cleanings Protect Gums And Teeth

The care put into maintaining your oral health protects you against cavities, and it can also help you avoid problems with your gums. Fighting problems with gingivitis can be more important than you realize. When this condition is not prevented, and it is not treated in time, you can experience issues with gum disease that are serious… Read more »

Can My Dentist Update Me On My Gum Health?

How can you tell if your gums are healthy? Knowing what state these tissues are in is more important than you might anticipate. If you let problems form and go untreated, an infection can turn into a serious concern, one that makes you vulnerable to potentially serious issues with your smile and overall well-being. There… Read more »