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We Restore Bright, White Smiles!

El Paso, TX, Teeth Whitening

Is your smile beginning to dull with stains or a yellowing appearance? If you would like to regain the bright, white appearance you enjoyed in the past, your dentist can help! Our cosmetic treatments address the nature of your discoloration to bring out your natural beauty. We can examine your teeth to determine if the… Read more »

Preserving Your Healthy Gums

El Paso, TX, Gum Disease

If you notice the shape of your gumline beginning to recede, it could be time to call the dentist. The movement of this tissue results from an infection that risks becoming permanent without timely treatment. Other common symptoms include chronic bad breath, bleeding when you floss or brush, and sore tissues. Do not wait until… Read more »

How General Dental Care Fights Gingivitis

If you are keeping up with good oral hygiene habits, you have less to worry about from threats like dental decay and gum disease. Does this mean you can simply quit booking general dental exams because you have all the protection you need? The trouble with this attitude is that patients can fail to see… Read more »

Regaining A Healthy Smile Through Restorative Dentistry

Until something is done about a cavity or worrying dental injury, your oral health will remain compromised. When a problem stays untreated, the harm to your tooth will continue to worsen. Fortunately, when a procedure does take place, the problem can be resolved, and you can also have lasting protection for your tooth in the… Read more »

How Will A Crown Protect My Tooth?

What will it take to keep your tooth safe after it is injured, or after you experience problems with serious tooth decay? Dental fillings are often effective against cavities, but they are limited in the amount of harm they can address. Fortunately, there is something that your dentist can offer that will provide long-term protection… Read more »

Booking Your Dental Visit On A Saturday

The consistency of your dental visits is important. When you fall out of the habit of booking these appointments on a regular basis, you make yourself vulnerable to problems that threaten your health as well as your appearance. With that said, we understand that it can be difficult for some people to find the time… Read more »

El Paso Area Care For Dental Pain

Dental pain can put you in a state of concern about your overall oral health. It can also disrupt your daily life and make biting and chewing more difficult. For people who have issues with discomfort, a prompt appointment with a dental professional can be beneficial for both providing relief and preventing complications from occurring…. Read more »

How We Make Teeth Whitening More Convenient

You can gradually lose confidence in the way you look as you gradually pick up more and more enamel stains. Many of the foods and drinks that people enjoy regularly contain chromogens or tannins responsible for their color. As these particles gather on your teeth, they can cause discoloration that makes your smile less attractive!… Read more »

Information Provided At A Dental Checkup

Routine dental checkups provide you with helpful information regarding your oral health. In addition to warning you about dental decay, your dentist can talk to you about any symptoms identified in the course of your exam, and you will receive a helpful teeth cleaning from your hygienist. At Sunny Smiles, we are ready to provide… Read more »

Have You Gone Too Long Without A General Dental Checkup?

Is it time for you to book your next routine dental exam and cleaning? If you have already gone more than six months without one, you may be past due for a visit, and that delay may have put you at risk for more oral health troubles! Regular appointments provide you with thorough teeth cleanings… Read more »