Month: September 2020

Reasons To Stay Calm During A Dental Emergency

While you should act quickly to address a dental emergency, you do not need to panic. Patients at Sunny Smiles can make arrangements for emergency dental work if they experience a tooth injury, lose a filling or crown, or struggle with severe dental pain. Having access to care on short notice means that you can… Read more »

Trusting A Root Canal To Stop An Issue With Tooth Pain

A tooth pain that refuses to subside should concern you. Problems with pain and sensitivity can be symptoms of an infection, which can occur if a tooth is injured or affected by a cavity. When too much time passes without treatment, enough harm can occur to leave an infected tooth past the point of saving…. Read more »

3 Common Issues Addressed Through Cosmetic Dentistry

People who start looking into cosmetic dentistry can be motivated by different concerns. For some, a procedure can potentially address naturally occurring smile flaws that have always made them feel less than confident in the way they look. Others will identify how gradual changes have hurt the way their teeth look, or seek treatment in… Read more »

How A Family Dentist Helps Kids Learn Proper Oral Hygiene

With the right approach to oral hygiene, people of all ages can effectively fight the buildup of plaque and food debris that can lead to oral health troubles. Adults tend to be deeply familiar with good oral hygiene practices, but children have to learn the basics of caring for their teeth and gums in order… Read more »

Why We Discuss Periodontal Care During Dental Checkups

As important as it is to keep your teeth in good condition, their health is not your dentist’s only concern during a routine dental checkup. These visits also focus on your periodontal health. By doing so, we are able to watch for any worrying signs of infection that should be addressed. If you show signs… Read more »

We Can Place A Dental Filling That Matches Your Enamel

If you have a cavity, some form of restorative dental work will need to take place to stop it from doing any more harm to your enamel. Patients who are consistent about scheduling dental exams can count on their dentist to spot signs of decay in their earlier stages. This early detection can ensure that… Read more »

Can One Cosmetic Procedure Give You A Smile Makeover?

The idea of a smile makeover can be attractive to many people, but it can also sound like something that is effectively out of their reach. Meaningful changes that address all of your current concerns must call for several procedures…right? As you learn more about cosmetic dentistry, you can find out how the treatment options… Read more »

How Will I Know If My Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out?

While you may already know many people who have had their wisdom teeth removed, you may not know if your teeth need to be taken out, or when that extraction might need to occur. It is important to make sure that issues with wisdom teeth are addressed early. If these teeth erupt when there is… Read more »

Using Porcelain Veneers To Deal With Teeth Spacing Issues

The way your teeth are spaced can significantly impact your confidence in your smile. Problems with the way they are spaced can leave unsightly gaps that you wish to hide, and they can cause issues with overlaps that make teeth look recessed, jagged, or otherwise out of place. For some patients, problems with poor smile… Read more »

Can A Dental Crown Address Flaws That Hurt Your Smile?

If a single tooth in your smile is misshapen, discolored, damaged, or undersized, it can be hard to feel confident in your appearance. Because they can be designed to imitate healthy teeth, dental crowns can actually help address these problems and make patients more comfortable in the way they look. The placement of these restorations… Read more »