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What Dental Cleanings Do To Protect You From Cavities

You should be making choices every day to fight cavities. There are obvious steps to prevent decay like brushing your teeth and flossing, as well as less direct (but still important) actions like cutting back on sugar and staying properly hydrated. As important as these daily behaviors are, they are not the only actions you… Read more »

You Can Schedule A Trip To See Your Dentist On A Saturday

Seeing your dentist on a regular basis will help you prevent the buildup of tartar, it will give you early warnings about dental decay and gingivitis, and it can lead to the detection and treatment of problems that cause chronic jaw pain. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find time for another appointment, even… Read more »

Help Us Welcome Dr. Apilado To Our Team!

The Sunny Smiles team is excited to welcome a new dentist to our Dyer location! Patients who go to this office can receive care from Dr. Paul Apilado. Dr. Apilado, a member of the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association, and the El Paso District Dental Society, is prepared to help patients with their… Read more »

Our Dental Office Has Weekend And Evening Hours Available

The care you put into maintaining a healthy smile can offer more benefits than you realize. Sure, you brush and floss in order to prevent the formation of teeth stains and dental decay. By keeping up with good habits, you also protect yourself against gingivitis, lowering your risk for tooth loss later in life. A… Read more »

Preventive Dental Care Tips For Everyone In Your Family

When it comes to smile care, everyone should have roughly the same goals of preventing oral health issues, and preserving the quality of their smile. Hopefully, everyone in your household shares an understanding that oral health is important, and that the right hygiene routine should be followed. With that said, people’s relative risks for problems… Read more »

Can General Dentistry Benefit Your Overall Health?

People tend to be well aware of the relationship between oral hygiene and cavity prevention. Through proper brushing and flossing, smart dieting, and regularly scheduled dental checkups, you can stay protected against decay as well as gum disease. What you may not realize is that general dental care can also help you maintain your overall… Read more »

Using Veneers To Address Misshapen Or Damaged Teeth

Whether the problem is with an injury, gradual wear and tear, or naturally occurring flaws, a misshapen tooth can make you feel uncomfortable with your smile. Fortunately, the right cosmetic dental procedure can make improvements to the way you look while requiring limited amounts of work on your tooth structure! Through the placement of a… Read more »

Saturday Office Hours Make Dental Care More Accessible

While dental care is important, some people struggle to make it fit into their typical weekly schedule. What happens as a result is they put off routine dental services, or even a visit to discuss an oral health concern, ultimately interfering with their access to beneficial treatments. At our El Paso, TX dentist’s office, we… Read more »

Regular Teeth Cleanings Keep You Safe From Tartar Buildup

Are you effectively fighting tartar buildup with your daily routine? When you brush and floss on a consistent basis, you do have the ability to stop tartar from forming, as you can reliably remove plaque buildup. However, if you already have tartar accumulation to contend with, your daily routine will not help you to remove… Read more »

Keeping Your Smile Clean

dental cleaning

Our last blog focused on the importance of having your smile examined every six months. During these same visits, our dental hygienists will also clean your teeth. Removing plaque and tartar from your smile is a great way to keep teeth bright and free of serious oral health issues. In today’s blog, your El Paso,… Read more »