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The Lasting Value Of General Dentistry

What are you doing to make sure your smile is safe from problems with tooth decay and gum disease? To effectively maintain your oral health, you should rely on both good daily behaviors and your general dental exams. Patients at Sunny Smiles can look forward to consistent support during every routine visit. We provide care… Read more »

Scheduled Teeth Cleanings Protect Your Smile

While you can effectively protect your smile by brushing and flossing thoroughly, there is one thing you cannot do—while cleaning your smile at home, you will not be able to remove tartar buildup. Preventing tartar is certainly possible, but any deposits that form between your regular dental checkups will remain despite your efforts to remove… Read more »

Reliable Family Dentistry In El Paso

Family dental care can cover the needs of everyone in your household. When you find a practice that is prepared to see both parents and kids, you can have an easier time arranging everyone’s care. You can also feel more comfortable when you have one office to turn to for different smile concerns. Sunny Smiles… Read more »

Providing Dental Care For Families

What can you do to make sure everyone in your household is protected against tooth decay and gum disease? Good daily habits are important for keeping both kids and adults safe against oral health threats. You should also make sure that your family has access to reliable dental services. Sunny Smiles provides support for patients… Read more »

Consistent Teeth Cleanings Protect Your Smile

How do you deal with tartar buildup? At home, you can prevent the formation of this material by consistently brushing and flossing, which removes plaque buildup before tartar can form. Unfortunately, once a deposit has formed, it will remain in place in spite of your oral hygiene routine. However, you can still protect your smile… Read more »

What Can General Dental Visits Address?

If nothing seems to be wrong with your smile, why should you make an appointment to see your dentist? General preventive care can play a more important role in preserving your oral health than you realize. One reason for this is that your teeth are carefully cleaned during these visits, which can lead to tartar… Read more »

Is Dental Care Really Available On Saturdays?

During the week, you can have a stack of responsibilities that you must work through, which can make the idea of taking on more tasks seem daunting. At Sunny Smiles, we want patients to know we understand that weekday visits can sometimes be hard to arrange. With that said, you still need to stay consistent… Read more »

Teeth Cleanings And Your Oral Hygiene

Tartar buildup makes you more likely to experience problems with dental decay, and accumulations at your gum line make gingivitis a greater concern. If you have a good brushing and flossing routine that you follow, you can keep this substance from forming. However, even with good hygiene habits in place, you will need to rely… Read more »

You Can Schedule Dental Care On A Saturday

You may assume that dental care is something you only have access to during the weekdays. While many practices keep more conventional office hours, Sunny Smiles can help you find time for treatment that better fits your schedule. In addition to operating Monday through Friday, we make time for our patients on Saturdays as part… Read more »

General Dental Visits And Your Well-Being

Can smile care really benefit more than just your smile? By taking good care of your teeth and gums, you can better protect your overall health. Gum disease can affect many people, but the condition can be addressed before there are complications that lead to long-term difficulties. However, when an infection does become too severe,… Read more »