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Looking Forward To Your Next Dental Checkup

El Paso, TX, Dental Checkup

How do you keep your smile as healthy as can be? Brushing and flossing each morning and evening provide the basis for your oral care. These daily activities remove food debris and plaque buildup that can stain your teeth and lead to active concerns. However, you also require regular dental checkups to ensure that your… Read more »

When Was Your Last Teeth Cleaning?

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Has it been more than a year since your last dental checkup? If so, we suggest giving us a call to receive a standard cleaning and examination. While the oral hygiene habits you practice at home form the basis for your smile care, we have the tools and expertise necessary to help fight more significant… Read more »

Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning Today!

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A preventive attitude toward your oral health maintains your smile’s beauty by removing plaque and tartar before they cause significant harm. While the brushing and flossing you perform each day form the basis of this protection, by visiting your dentist regularly, you receive additional care beyond your at-home capabilities. If it has been more than… Read more »

Receiving Regular Dental Checkups

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Attending your dental checkups regularly provides ongoing opportunities to ensure the health and appearance of your smile. A preventative approach to smile care means identifying problem areas before they become significant, and providing the appropriate treatments when necessary. We suggest that all members of your family schedule an appointment twice per year or every six… Read more »

General Dentistry Can Safeguard Your Smile

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General dentistry involves comfortable and noninvasive treatments to help you avoid the complications of serious oral health issues, including tooth decay and gum disease. In today’s blog, Sunny Smiles wants to talk about our general dental procedures, and how these can help strengthen your teeth and gums. We provide these services for kids as well… Read more »

Scheduling General Dentistry For 2023

General dental appointments are important to a person’s overall efforts at smile care. Leaving yourself without the support of these regular visits means going without the kind of care that includes tartar removal and early warnings for problems that demand more involved support. Whether you are already behind on these semiannual checkups or need to… Read more »

Are Dental Appointments Available On Weekends?

The typical weekday for you may be packed, or it may simply lack the flexibility you need to accommodate a dental visit. Unfortunately, oral bacteria do not give our teeth a break when we are not able to find time for routine oral health services. Delaying dental exams means going longer without important protection for… Read more »

General Dentistry And Your Cavity Risks

When you brush and floss your teeth, you fight the accumulation of bacteria and food debris that make your smile vulnerable to cavities. If you want to avoid the kinds of problems that threaten your appearance as well as your health, make sure you do your part to defend your smile at home, but make… Read more »

Problems To Discuss With A General Dentist

By keeping up with your oral health on a daily basis, you can protect yourself against threats like cavities and gum disease. Your regular dental visits also protect you against these problems. What you may not realize is how your visits also help you in many other ways. They provide important protection against any threats… Read more »

Finding Time For Smile Care On A Saturday

The time and effort you put into smile care can help you avoid dental decay, gum disease, and problems that generally hurt your appearance. While you should put in time on your own, you should also make time for regular dental checkups in order to preserve your oral health. Has it been more than six… Read more »