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We Can See You On Saturday

As working adults, finding time to see the dentist can be difficult. Between work, commutes, and carving out time for family, finding opportunity to address oral health is hard to come by. Fortunately, your El Paso, TX, dentists understand this, and we offer evening hours and Saturday hours, so we can see you without adding… Read more »

Don’t Let Your 2019 Benefits Expire Before You Use Them!

Can you believe November is already here? Winter will arrive before you know it! Which means the end of the year is coming and if you have dental insurance or a flex spending account, then you have funds and benefits you need to use before they expire on December 31st. Don’t let these hard-earned benefits… Read more »

We Have Saturday Hours!

People often have a hard time finding an opportunity to see their dentist. After all, between work hours and school events, families don’t have a lot of time to set up a visit during normal business hours. Your El Paso, TX, dentists understand, and we have evening hours and Saturday hours to allow our team… Read more »

Why Are Your Teeth Cleaned During Every Routine Checkup?

If you make the time to see your dentist for a routine evaluation, you can obviously appreciate having your teeth and gums thoroughly checked for problems. What you should know is that the goal during a routine visit is to help you avoid problems, not just to identify any that have developed. During every checkup… Read more »

3 Benefits You Gain When You Receive Regular Dental Checkups

You have the capacity to do a great job managing your oral health on a daily basis. By practicing smart oral care habits, you keep your smile free of harmful oral bacteria that can build up and create problems. By continuing to enjoy a smart diet – one that is low in sugar – you… Read more »

When Should I Start To Worry About A Toothache?

Not every toothache is a sign that you need restorative dental treatment. For example, an ache may be connected to a sinus infection. However, a persistent discomfort, or an issue with sensitivity that continues to worry you, should be considered a problem worth addressing with your dentist. At our El Paso, TX dental practice, we… Read more »

Managing Oral Health Risks With Regular Dental Cleanings

When you take the proper steps each day to protect your teeth from food debris and oral bacteria, you can sustain a healthy smile, and avoid problems that require restorative dental work. On your own, you protect your teeth and gums through flossing, through brushing, and by avoiding an excess of sugar in your daily… Read more »

Have You Been Putting Off Your Next Routine Dental Exam?

Are you guilty of skipping or postponing regular dental checkups? How long has it been since you had a professional examination of your teeth and gums performed? Unless there are circumstances that make a different timeline more appropriate, individuals should plan to receive routine preventive care on a semiannual basis. During your twice-yearly visits, our… Read more »

Regular Checkups Make Your Oral Health Easier To Manage

How much effort are you currently putting towards preserving the health of your teeth and gums? Hopefully, each day finds you keeping up with good brushing and flossing habits, while also making sure your diet choices are smile-friendly. When you maintain good habits at home, you can limit your risk for trouble, but this does… Read more »

Finding A Local Dental Office You Can Count On

Having a dental practice you know you can count on can have important benefits for your long-term smile health. When you come to our El Paso, TX dental practice for regular dental exams, you can look forward to vital preventive dental care. Because of these appointments, your risks from tooth decay and gum disease can… Read more »