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We Are Ready To Safely Extract Your Wisdom Teeth

You should not put off treatment to safely extract your wisdom teeth after they become a problem. People often lack the space for them, which leads to problems with their arrival. A lack of space can cause them to shift or press painfully against neighboring teeth. If this happens, you can experience crowding, you can… Read more »

Are You Leaving Too Much Time Between Dental Cleanings?

Brushing and flossing thoroughly will help you fight plaque buildup and prevent the accumulation of tartar on your teeth. Unfortunately, your daily routine will not remove tartar deposits that have already built up. With regular dental cleanings, you remain protected against this problem. Unless your dentist has identified an issue that calls for a different… Read more »

3 Issues That We Can Address At Your Next Dental Checkup

At every regular dental checkup, you receive care and attention capable of preserving your healthy smile. You also benefit from early treatment if you have active oral health issues. Unless your dentist sees a reason to ask that you follow a different schedule, you should plan on attending exams on a semiannual basis. With appointments… Read more »

Why A Weekend Dental Appointment Might Make Sense

As 2021 begins, many households have not settled back into a comfortable schedule. Maybe college students are still home, or work schedules haven’t returned to normal. It may have been months since a schedule has felt normal, and we know that regular family checkups and cleanings might not have made it to the top of… Read more »

Saturday Office Hours Make Dental Care Easier To Access

Your typical week may lack flexibility, which can make certain tasks harder to address. Unless they are told to follow something different, patients should schedule routine dental exams on a semiannual basis. What can you do if you struggle to find time during the week for an appointment? Falling out of your routine will make… Read more »

Starting The New Year With A Dental Checkup

When the new year begins, what will you need to do to make sure it starts on the right note? If you are past due for a routine dental checkup, it can be a good time to set up your next visit! At every routine dental exam, you will receive a thorough teeth cleaning as… Read more »

Our Dental Office Offers Saturday Appointments For Patients

If you want to keep your smile in good health, you should be consistent about seeing your dentist for regular exams. At regular six month intervals, your smile will be closely evaluated for any active problems, and you will receive a thorough teeth cleaning to remove harmful plaque and tartar. Sunny Smiles is aware that… Read more »

How General Dentistry Helps You Keep Your Smile Cavity-Free

If you are taking the time each day to brush and floss, it seems reasonable to assume you are committed to avoiding cavities. To make sure you stay safe from decay, make sure you combine good daily habits with the preventive services offered at every dental checkup! By scheduling your semiannual dental exams and cleanings,… Read more »

Your Wisdom Teeth Can Push Against Neighboring Teeth

While tooth extraction is typically a last resort when it comes to restorative dental work, it is often the recommended treatment when there are problems with a patient’s wisdom teeth. People often lack space for their wisdom teeth, which can lead to problems when these teeth begin to erupt. One issue that you can experience… Read more »

Should You Schedule A Teeth Cleaning Before The Year Ends?

As we near the end of the year, there may still be several tasks that you have to handle. If you have not stayed current with your preventive dental appointments, you can be vulnerable to problems with tooth decay and gum disease because of tartar buildup. You may already have an issue with poor oral… Read more »