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Booking Dental Care On The Weekend

The weekends can be a more convenient time for many activities. What might surprise you is that at the right dental office, you can even use your weekend to arrange oral health services! Sunny Smiles provides extended office hours that make appointments available on Saturdays. Because of this, we can see people who have a… Read more »

How General Dentistry Supports Healthy Smiles

By committing to a good oral hygiene routine, you can guard yourself against the threats of dental decay and gum disease. These problems can affect many people, but with smart habits at home, along with regular dental appointments, can help you avoid the effect that these problems can have on your appearance and health. Patients… Read more »

How Dental Cleanings Protect Your Oral Health

Your oral hygiene efforts should include more than just the daily tasks of brushing and flossing your teeth. As important as these efforts are, you benefit from the added support of professional preventive dental care. Sunny Smiles provides important general oral health care for people in and around El Paso, TX, which can help them… Read more »

Can I See A Dentist In El Paso On A Saturday?

The time you spend at the dentist’s office can have lasting value. After all, when you go in for routine services, you receive helpful updates about the current state of your oral health as well as care from your hygienist that removes all plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth. So what stops people from… Read more »

General Dentistry For The El Paso Community

What do you expect your dentist to do for you during a general visit? Routine care plays an important part in your overall efforts to preserve your dental well-being. At every appointment, you should be able to count on a thorough review of your teeth, gums, and oral structures in order to learn whether there… Read more »

General Dentistry Provides Reliable Smile Care

When you commit to good oral hygiene, you can maintain your appearance and remain safe against threats like tooth decay and gum disease. One thing to remember is that while your daily routine is certainly important, it should not be the only effort you make to keep your smile in good condition. You should also… Read more »

General Dentistry And Your Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene efforts matter, but you should depend on brushing and flossing by themselves to fully protect your smile. Unfortunately, once tartar deposits form, they will remain in place until you have your next professional teeth cleaning scheduled. This service will remove the bacteria that are present, even when your own efforts fall short… Read more »

Scheduling Weekend Dental Appointments

It is important that you schedule dental visits on a consistent basis. Doing so keeps you informed about your oral health, leads to the early detection and treatment of problems, and it provides preventive services that makes you less likely to develop issues like tooth decay and gum disease. With that said, we understand that… Read more »

Restarting Your General Dental Checkups

What can happen when you go longer than recommended between general dental visits? General oral health support is intended to help you preserve a healthy and confident smile. Typically, patients are told to make appointments every six months; if you go past this point, you are more likely to have problems with tartar buildup, and… Read more »

Smile Threats Addressed By A General Dentist

General dental visits protect your smile, keeping you safe from threats that can hurt your appearance, negatively affect your bite movement, and cause trouble for your overall well-being. Sunny Smiles provides general dental care for families in the El Paso area, providing both regular care for adults and pediatric dental appointments. To stay on top… Read more »