Dental Cleanings Protect Gums And Teeth

The care put into maintaining your oral health protects you against cavities, and it can also help you avoid problems with your gums. Fighting problems with gingivitis can be more important than you realize. When this condition is not prevented, and it is not treated in time, you can experience issues with gum disease that are serious enough to threaten your complete smile and general health. Fortunately, you can count on regular dental visits to support you in the management of your periodontal health. During your routine visits at Sunny Smiles, your dental cleanings will remove plaque and tartar buildup, lowering your risk for experiencing gum disease. When appropriate, we can provide help with active gingivitis by providing a more thorough cleaning.

How Gum Disease Can Affect Your Smile

What can gum disease do to your smile? The onset of trouble with gingivitis can create concerns by causing you to bleed more easily whenever you brush and floss. Your infection can also lead to embarrassing issues with bad breath, concerns about tissue swelling or discoloration, and even changes in the gum line that affect the way you look. Unfortunately, there are more significant consequences that can occur in time. People who do not deal with gingivitis can experience complications from a more advanced infection, one that will lead to difficulties that include heightened tooth loss risks and even complications with their general health! Because a more severe infection can prove harder to manage, visiting a specialist can be necessary. Fortunately, the chances of this becoming an issue shrink when you regularly receive feedback from your dentist during regular dental exams.

The Importance Of Consistent Preventive Dental Appointments

Keeping up with your oral health is made easier by keeping up with regular dental exams. During these visits, you can receive feedback that includes updates about the health of your gums. If there are worries about their condition, a timely periodontal cleaning can help you. This service will remove bacteria buildup found on the roots of teeth, areas that are covered by your gums and not serviced during regular cleanings. The removal of harmful agents on your roots will stop gingivitis from progressing and give your soft tissues time to recover.

Protecting Your Teeth And Gums At Home

Protection for your teeth and gums can come from your daily oral hygiene routine. It is important that you brush and floss thoroughly, as doing so will keep bacteria off of your teeth and prevent harmful microbes from moving below the gum line to create problems with an infection.

Count On Sunny Smiles To Help Protect Your Gums And Teeth!

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