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When You Begin TMJ Therapy

Beginning TMJ therapy means starting treatment for an issue that can cause you to feel pain throughout your day. Problems with the alignment of your jaw joints, or stress on the muscles and joints, can make it harder for you to avoid pain when you bite, chew, or speak. At Sunny Smiles, we can help… Read more »

How An Oral Appliance Fits Into TMJ Therapy

When you feel pain every time you yawn, speak, or eat, when headaches become a persistent problem, or when you have issues with jaw stiffness or pain, you should be concerned about TMJ disorder. This problem develops whenever you have unresolved issues that affect your jaw joint alignment and movement. At Sunny Smiles, we can… Read more »

How TMJ Therapy Helps With Daily Jaw Pain

Pain on a daily occurrence can be worrying as well as frustrating. It may be hard to understand why something as simple as moving your jaw when you speak or eat would cause you discomfort. However, if you are not dealing with uneven joint movement or problems with stress and alignment, you can find it… Read more »

How TMJ Therapy Eases Daily Aches And Pains

Living with TMJ disorder means living with jaw pain and stiffness that can affect you whenever you try to enjoy a meal, or even when you simply try to laugh of speak. In other words, the discomfort you experience can persist throughout the day. It can also be the reason that you begin to struggle… Read more »

Planning TMJ Therapy To Treat Jaw Pain

You can quickly become fed up with TMJ disorder – when it is not addressed, this condition can make biting, chewing, and speaking difficult due to feelings of stiffness and pain. What can you do to resolve this issue and put your discomfort behind you? Sunny Smiles provides help for patients who show signs of… Read more »

Stop Living With Persistent TMJ Pain!

If you lose the ability to bite and chew without discomfort, or if you start to feel persistent jaw pain, facial pain, or headaches, tell your dentist! Issues with jaw stiffness and pain can lead to further trouble with teeth grinding and also stop you from biting and chewing in a way that feels natural…. Read more »

Addressing Daily Pain With TMJ Therapy

woman with jaw pain

Living with pain every time you try to bite and chew food can be difficult to endure. Unfortunately, this is a frequent issue for someone with TMJ disorder. They can also struggle with pain or sensitivity at other times when moving their jaw, and in the mornings because of nighttime issues with bruxism. Sunny Smiles… Read more »

We Offer TMJ Therapy And Treatment For Teeth Grinding

Jaw pain and discomfort after a night of teeth grinding are both frustrating problems to endure. Individuals with uneven jaw movement or problems with joint alignment can grow unhappy as their aches and pains make biting and chewing difficult, and even lead to more frequent headaches. For someone who grinds their teeth at night, mornings… Read more »

Can TMJ Therapy Provide Headache Relief?

If you start to experience persistent headaches, you may not think to tell your dentist about it. Bringing this up during a dental visit can actually be beneficial, because this issue can be linked to trouble with your oral health! TMJ therapy can ease tension on your jaw joints and muscles that lead to difficulties… Read more »

What To Expect If Your Dentist Recommends TMJ Therapy

Ideally, your jaw joints will stay in good alignment when you bite and chew, and while you are in a relaxed state. By maintaining good alignment and avoiding problems that put more stress on your joint and muscles, you can avoid difficulties with pain and stiffness, lower your risk for developing problems with teeth grinding,… Read more »