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What Your Dentist Knows About An Aching Jaw

Things you know your dentist can help with include performing scheduled checkups and cleanings, and offering suggestions for better brushing. But a trusted dentist can also help you when you are experiencing aches that center in your jaw, and other areas of the head, neck and shoulders. Jaw aches and pain can be a sign… Read more »

Treating Poor Jaw Alignment Through TMJ Therapy

When your jaw joints are out of alignment, you can experience problems with uneven or difficult bite movement, chronic joint discomfort, and even issues with headaches and other forms of pain. This issue can also affect you by causing problems with bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, something that can lead to worrying dental damage. Fortunately,… Read more »

Treating TMJ Disorder To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Living with TMJ disorder can mean living with discomfort on a daily basis. As long as you leave a problem with jaw pain unresolved, you can feel pain and stiffness whenever you try to bite and chew food. Your trouble can actually lead to more than just problems with your jaw, as you can experience… Read more »

Should You Seek TMJ Therapy For Frequent Headaches?

Frequent headaches can have many causes. With that said, if you experience an increase in headaches while also noticing unpleasant changes with painful or stiff jaw movement, an increase in teeth grinding, or sensitivity in your face and jaw, you should say something to your dentist. During a routine dental examination at Sunny Smiles, you… Read more »

How TMJ Therapy Provides Headache And Pain Relief

If you live with chronic aches and pains in your face and jaw, or suffer headaches on a regular basis, you may be struggling with a problem that your dentist can help you address. Over time, problems with poor bite movement, uneven jaw alignment, and teeth grinding can lead to TMJ disorder. If problems with… Read more »

We Can Address Poor Jaw Alignment Through TMJ Therapy

Injuries, inflammation, poor bite movement, and teeth grinding can all create problems with the alignment of your jaw joints. If your joints are no longer working well together, you may feel the effects of this tension in your face, jaw, head, and neck! TMJ-related aches and pains can be serious, and they can be a… Read more »

TMJ Therapy Can Resolve Problems That Cause Chronic Pain

If you are no longer able to do something as simple as move your jaw to speak or eat without pain, it can be a sign that you are struggling with TMJ disorder. This problem can develop if your bite does not align properly, as an awkward or uneven movement can cause pressure on your… Read more »

Can An Awkward Bite Make TMJ Treatment Necessary?

Are you creating problems for your oral health because you have a flawed bite? Bite problems may be more common than you currently realize, and they can stem from several issues. Some people develop an awkward bite motion to work around issues with malocclusion. Others may change how they move their jaw because they wish… Read more »

3 Positive Changes Enjoyed After Treating TMJ Disorder

Until a problem with TMJ disorder is addressed, you can experience a worrying degree of discomfort. The problem can affect your bite function, and may limit your jaw movement to the point of making it difficult to speak! You can also experience related pains in your face, neck, and head. Those who struggle to control… Read more »

Struggling With Stiff Jaw Movement? TMJ Treatment Can Help

If you start to develop problems with your jaw movement, you can quickly begin to miss the days of easy, painless biting and chewing. The onset of TMJ disorder can make these seemingly simple movements difficult, and it can lead to persistent pain and sensitivity problems. Your discomfort can affect more than just your jaw,… Read more »