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How TMJ Therapy Improves Bite Function

While some foods are certainly tougher to bite and chew through than others, your general experience with dental function should be comfortable. If you start to experience stiffness or pain when you eat, it can be a warning that you are dealing with TMJ problems. In time, that can lead to more discomfort in your… Read more »

Should I Ask About TMJ Therapy?

When changes to your jaw alignment and movement occur, it can become difficult for you to ignore the discomfort you feel as a result. Worsening problems with aches and pains in your face, jaw, and neck, along with headaches and issues with teeth grinding, can worsen your quality of life. You can discuss these matters… Read more »

Teeth Grinding And TMJ Therapy

When it happens in the course of your day, you can recognize that it is occurring and put a stop to it. However, when your reflexive teeth grinding issues occur during the night, it can be more difficult for you to protect yourself. What you might not realize is that your struggles with this issue… Read more »

Address Discomfort With TMJ Therapy

When you perform basic actions like biting and chewing, you may put more stress and strain on your joints and muscles than you realize. This can be a consequence of poor joint alignment, which can lead to issues like pain in your face, neck, and jaw, an increase in headaches, and even difficulty with teeth… Read more »

Headache Relief Through TMJ Therapy

An increase in headaches can be worrying. When this problem is joined by problems with limited or painful bite movement, issues with teeth grinding, or concerns about discomfort in your face, neck, and shoulders, it could be because of TMJ disorder. This problem arises when you are not able to move your jaw properly due… Read more »

Are You Looking For TMJ Therapy In El Paso?

When you first notice that your jaw feels sore or stiff when you try to bite or chew food, it can feel like an irritation, but not a serious concern. However, when you continue to feel discomfort, or if that pain actually worsens in time, it can be difficult not to experience some alarm. You… Read more »

Headache Issues? TMJ Therapy Can Help

How often do you experience headaches that disrupt your daily activities? Are they becoming a more frequent concern? One reason for this is that you can have issues with poor jaw alignment and movement that negatively impact your quality of life. The stress from poor joint alignment and movement is capable of creating tension that… Read more »

What You Gain From Starting TMJ Therapy

If you are struggling to manage a recurring issue with jaw pain and stiffness, have more frequent headaches, or find it harder to bite and chew than it should be, the reason why could be TMJ disorder. As worrying as it can be to learn that a problem with your jaw alignment has formed and… Read more »

When Bite Pain Calls For TMJ Therapy

The onset of persistent bite pain and jaw stiffness can be concerning, but is it something you need to talk about with your dentist? Problems with joint pain and stiffness, limited bite movement, and similar issues all point to trouble with TMJ disorder. If you do have this problem, you should know that proper treatment… Read more »

We Offer TMJ Therapy In The El Paso Area

Worsening problems with your jaw movement and health can seriously impact your quality of life. The problems with discomfort and stiffness occur when your jaw joints and muscles are not in proper alignment. This can lead to an uneven bite movement, difficulties with teeth grinding, headaches, and other issues. Fortunately, this is a problem that… Read more »