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3 Positive Changes Enjoyed After Treating TMJ Disorder

Until a problem with TMJ disorder is addressed, you can experience a worrying degree of discomfort. The problem can affect your bite function, and may limit your jaw movement to the point of making it difficult to speak! You can also experience related pains in your face, neck, and head. Those who struggle to control… Read more »

Struggling With Stiff Jaw Movement? TMJ Treatment Can Help

If you start to develop problems with your jaw movement, you can quickly begin to miss the days of easy, painless biting and chewing. The onset of TMJ disorder can make these seemingly simple movements difficult, and it can lead to persistent pain and sensitivity problems. Your discomfort can affect more than just your jaw,… Read more »

We Can Provide Relief If You Are Experiencing Dental Pain

Dental pain is an intrusive, frustrating problem – it can also be a warning that something is really wrong with your oral health. If you try to ignore discomfort, even as it continues to assert its presence, you should know that you could be ignoring a problem that can worsen over time. If the pain… Read more »