Extracting Impacted Wisdom Teeth in El Paso, TX

In some cases, a tooth must be extracted because it’s become so damaged or decayed that it can no longer be restored. Leaving it in place could increase risks of complications to the rest of your oral health, while extracting it can make way for your dentist to restore your smile by replacing it. However, when a wisdom tooth (or third molar) needs to be extracted, it’s typically because it has become impacted within your jawbone and cannot fully erupt. This can lead to increasingly more severe tooth discomfort, as well as damage to other nearby teeth and your jawbone structure.

When Is It Necessary?

By the time an impacted wisdom tooth becomes obvious, it has already become impacted and extracting it may require minor oral surgery. Your dentist will have to expose the tooth’s structure underneath your gums and jawbone, then carefully extract it to avoid further damage to the rest of your teeth and oral structures. In some cases, patients may choose to extract wisdom teeth before they become impacted to avoid the risks of severe discomfort. Before recommending wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination and take detailed X-ray images of your jawbone to determine if it’s the best option.

Ask About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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