Month: December 2022

How Contouring Procedures Improve Smiles

As we reach the new year, you may find yourself with a list of resolutions to help make the most of your 2023. One of those resolutions could involve taking on smile flaws that have left you self-conscious about how you look. What you should know is that there are different paths to smile improvement… Read more »

Scheduling General Dentistry For 2023

General dental appointments are important to a person’s overall efforts at smile care. Leaving yourself without the support of these regular visits means going without the kind of care that includes tartar removal and early warnings for problems that demand more involved support. Whether you are already behind on these semiannual checkups or need to… Read more »

TMJ Therapy And Your Relief From Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is something that can turn into a daily nuisance. When untreated issues with poor joint alignment and movement affect you, pain can be felt when you try to bite and chew, and may even affect your ability to laugh and speak. You can also experience headaches that are triggered by this problem as… Read more »

Cosmetic Dental Work To Start Your New Year

In the new year, you can meet new challenges and opportunities with a smile that is lovelier and more confident than before. This is thanks to the potential benefits of cosmetic dentistry! Patients at Sunny Smiles who want to know how they can change how they look can discover just how effective one procedure is… Read more »

When Will I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

An otherwise healthy smile can require extraction services, and may even require oral surgery, when wisdom teeth begin to erupt. The simple but frustrating reality for many is that there is simply no space for these teeth, which is why their arrival can create so many problems. Without the right intervention, issues with crowding, enamel… Read more »

Family Dentistry That Meets Your Household’s Needs

Is everyone in your household enjoying the right protection against oral health threats? To provide truly effective support, you should make sure your family has access to professional dental care while also practicing smart hygiene habits at home. To help with this, you can turn to Sunny Smiles for dental care that supports people of… Read more »

Scheduling Conservative Cosmetic Dental Work

Any smile flaws that you notice when you study your features can feel glaring to you. Because our teeth can be a focal point, even relatively minor issues can prove difficult to ignore. Because of this, you can be surprised to learn that conservative cosmetic work can produce noteworthy results. Sunny Smiles offers a variety… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry And Your Tooth Color

Dental discoloration is one of many issues that can make a person less confident in how they look when they smile. With that said, it is an issue that many people face to different degrees, and it is one that can prove frustrating to treat without help. Fortunately, the right help is available, and it… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy And Your Well-Being

How worried should you be when your tooth starts to hurt, or when you experience changes in sensitivity or tissue swelling around it? These are warning signs that an infection is present within the structure and needs to be addressed. You should certainly worry about what will happen if the problem remains untreated. With that… Read more »

How General Dental Care Fights Gingivitis

If you are keeping up with good oral hygiene habits, you have less to worry about from threats like dental decay and gum disease. Does this mean you can simply quit booking general dental exams because you have all the protection you need? The trouble with this attitude is that patients can fail to see… Read more »