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The Right Commitment To Children’s Dentistry

How protected is your child’s smile? What can you do to make sure they grow up with healthy, cavity-free teeth? There are many reasons to take advantage of the services provided at pediatric dental visits when your child’s smile is just starting to develop. One is that you can use these initial visits as opportunities… Read more »

Finding A Dentist Who Can Help Your Children

Are your children receiving the right oral health support? Some of that support should come from their parents, but they should also depend on dental care from professionals to keep their teeth and gums in good condition. For families in the El Paso, TX area, Sunny Smiles can provide beneficial all-ages dental care. This means… Read more »

Pediatric Dentistry And Your Kids

Your kids need many forms of protection when they are small, including protection for their teeth. While you can provide important support on your own, you should also rely on the care offered during pediatric dental visits to keep them safe from new problems. Families in the El Paso, TX area can count on pediatric… Read more »

Starting Your Child’s Dental Visits

When should you take your child on their first trip to the dentist’s office? Early smile care is important, and it can have lasting value for kids. At Sunny Smiles, we offer pediatric dental services as part of a larger commitment to support patients of all ages. Your child’s initial appointment should happen around the… Read more »

We Provide Dental Work For Adults And Kids

Does everyone in your family have a healthy smile? Would you like to make dental care more convenient for your household? Sunny Smiles welcomes El Paso families by providing all-ages dental services. Because we offer both pediatric and adult general dental care, we can welcome you and your kids for treatment. Our younger patients depend… Read more »

3 Things To Know About Children’s Dentistry

It is hard to overstate how much children depend on their parents at an early age. When it comes to maintaining their smile, you will play an important role in supporting your kids’ well-being, but you are not the only one who can help them. Soon after their first tooth arrives, a child should have… Read more »

Dental Exams Offer Smile Care Guidance To Kids

Taking the time to help your kids learn to brush and floss will be important, just as it is important to protect their teeth by limiting their exposure to sugary foods and drinks. Generally speaking, there are many forms of support that parents offer their kids. However, when it comes to concerns about dental health,… Read more »

How A Children’s Dentist Offers Hygiene Support

When the right oral hygiene habits are followed, our teeth remain healthy and attractive through the years. Proper care is important from an early age; once a baby’s teeth start to arrive, those teeth are vulnerable to dental decay. Fortunately, El Paso area families can rely on the all-ages care offered at Sunny Smiles. As… Read more »

Finding A Dependable Dentist For Your Children

Who should your kids turn to when it comes to supporting their oral health? Parents are important for providing encouragement as children start to brush and floss for themselves. Until that day comes, they directly tend to their growing smiles. Sunny Smiles can offer important additional support through guidance as well as in-office care provided… Read more »

Dental Care For Your Youngest Family Members

There are actions you can, and should, take to help your kids maintain healthy teeth. During their earliest years, you provide direct support by gently cleaning their teeth and protecting them from cavities. When they are older, you can continue to support them by giving them guidance on good hygiene habits and providing healthy meals… Read more »