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Is Your Child Due For A Dental Exam?

parent and child at the dentist's office

In time, a baby’s teeth will begin to arrive. Once they do, you should be prepared to help them stay protected against cavities. While daily care and attention obviously help with this, you should know that you are not the only person who can help protect their growing smile. When they are old enough, you… Read more »

Is Everyone In Your Family Receiving The Right Dental Care?

While dental care remains important throughout your life, the approach to care taken by your dentist should change through the years. In other words, younger patients who come in for pediatric dental care should have different experiences in the dentist’s chair than adults who require routine dental checkups and cleanings. Sunny Smiles wants you to… Read more »

How Can I Be Sure That My Kids Are Safe From Cavities?

From an early age, kids need help from their parents to avoid problems with tooth decay. How soon can tooth decay become a concern? Once their teeth start to arrive, a child can experience trouble with this particular oral health problem. Parents can provide important protection by gently and thoroughly cleaning their kids’ teeth until… Read more »

Visit A Dental Office Ready To Help Everyone In Your Family

If you find one dental office where everyone in your family can receive care, you can find that appointments are easier to set up, and that all of the members of your household are enjoying the right oral health support. In some ways, kids and adults have the same needs when it comes to their… Read more »

3 Benefits To Finding The Right Dentist For Your Children

When you bring your kids to the dentist’s office, you ensure that they have protection for their growing smiles. Finding the right practice to care for them as they grow up is important for several reasons. You want to stay informed about their development, and you want them to be safe from common oral health… Read more »

What Can You Do To Make Dental Care Easier For Your Kids?

Young children have much to learn about the world. One lesson that will help them preserve their appearance and oral health is one on proper dental hygiene. Until they are around six or seven, kids typically need help with brushing and flossing in order to avoid problems. Even if they are not old enough to… Read more »

Children’s Dentistry And The Teaching Of Good Daily Habits

Even when they are not yet old enough to brush and floss on their own, kids should understand that their dental health is important. You can help them learn this when you clean their teeth, and when you take care to provide them healthy meals and snacks. While this guidance is valuable, you do not… Read more »

Bringing Kids To See Their Dentist After The Holidays

The holidays can be a special time for everyone, but it can be particularly fun for kids. Even stay-at-home activities can be rich with traditions, fun, and more than a few seasonal treats. These festive treats, along with the change in everyone’s routine when kids are out of school, can interfere with your risks for… Read more »

Children’s Dentistry Helps Growing Smiles Stay Healthy

Young children depend on their parents for both dental and general health care. Until they are old enough to comfortably maneuver a toothbrush on their own, kids need assistance with basic brushing and flossing, making your role in their oral hygiene an active one! As important as you are to protecting their growing smile, you… Read more »

Your Kids Can Feel Comfortable In Our Dental Office!

For children, the right experience in the dentist’s office is about more than just protection from cavities and gum disease. For younger kids especially, it is important to make them feel welcomed and safe in their surroundings. Positive early experiences with pediatric dental care, can make return trips easier for children, and make them more… Read more »