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Halloween Candy And Cavity Risks

Many families look forward to celebrating Halloween, especially when they have kids who still enjoy trick or treating. Even if you have no plans to go door to door for sweets, you can find it hard to resist indulging around this time of year, as the holiday tends to put more candy in front of… Read more »

Planning Dental Visits For Your Kids

Whether they are still young enough to need your direct support or old enough to clean their teeth on their own, kids receive important benefits from preventive dentistry. Professional smile care is important for patients of all ages, but there are certain benefits to checkups for kids that should not be overlooked. At these visits,… Read more »

Services Offered By A Children’s Dentist

In many ways, you and your children have needs that overlap when it comes to smile care. Everyone in your household should be mindful of their risk for cavities, as decay is a problem at any age. Fortunately, through good oral hygiene practices, smart dieting, and access to preventive dental services, these risks can be… Read more »

Providing Dental Care For Families

What can you do to make sure everyone in your household is protected against tooth decay and gum disease? Good daily habits are important for keeping both kids and adults safe against oral health threats. You should also make sure that your family has access to reliable dental services. Sunny Smiles provides support for patients… Read more »

How Checkups Help Kids Protect Their Teeth

Teaching your kids to practice good oral hygiene habits is important, and it will have long-term benefits. You can demonstrate good habits when caring for your own teeth, share why preventive care is so important, and help them enjoy healthy foods and drinks that are low in sugar. Your influence will be important, but it… Read more »

Dependable Dental Care For Children

How can you make sure that your kids stay safe against cavities? How can you help them establish good oral hygiene habits, and encourage them to keep them up through the years? Parents certainly help their children keep their teeth healthy, but they do not have to act alone. Sunny Smiles can provide important oral… Read more »

Bringing Loved Ones To Your Family Dentist

Parents need to support their kids’ smiles, just as they need to address their own oral health needs. What you may not realize is that while you and your children may need different forms of support from the dentist, one practice can help everyone in your household! Sunny Smiles is ready to meet with patients… Read more »

Finding The Right Dentist For Your Children

You want your children to enjoy quality healthy care in all regards. When it comes to their dental health, the right experience at the dentist’s office can have lasting advantages. You can stay informed about the development of your kids’ growing smiles, be alerted to any problems, and even receive helpful guidance on how you… Read more »

Our Approach To Family Dental Care

Does everyone in your family need the same kind of support from your dentist? While people of all ages can face many of the same oral health threats, you and your kids can require different approaches to care during routine dental exams. At Sunny Smiles, we are prepared to deliver meaningful support during routine dental… Read more »

How Dentists Help Kids Stay Cavity-Free

As a parent, you have an active role to play in helping your child stay safe against cavities. Until they are old enough to brush and floss on your own, you will have to help them by carefully cleaning their teeth and gums. While this is certainly an important responsibility, remember that you do not… Read more »