Category: Restorative Dentistry

Receiving A Filling That Will Not Affect Your Smile

Is it necessary to receive a filling as part of your cavity treatment? Restorations are included in care for dental decay because cavities do permanent harm to enamel. To address this problem, a filling or dental crown will be used to provide long-term support. What you can be relieved to know is that there are… Read more »

Your Smile After Restorative Dentistry

What can you look forward to after undergoing restorative dental work? Your immediate concerns with dental decay or an injured tooth can be resolved through treatment. By visiting Sunny Smiles for treatment, you can also look forward to care that preserves how you look, as we rely on restorations that imitate healthy enamel. Whether you… Read more »

Why Root Canal Treatment Plans Are Made

After confirming that you have a cavity and assessing how much harm it has caused, your dentist can let you know if a root canal treatment will be needed. This is a service that takes on problems that develop within the tooth structure—simply put, the more time a cavity has to grow, the more likely… Read more »

Placing A Dental Crown That Looks Like Your Tooth

It can be worrying to learn that you need restorative dental work. Beyond worrying about your oral health, you can worry over what kind of effect your procedure might have on the way you look, particularly when the care you need is for a tooth that is more prominent when you smile and speak. You… Read more »

Root Canals And Endodontic Troubles

What does it mean to have a problem that requires endodontic care? Endodontic services refer to treatments that address trouble within the tooth structure. An infection or injury can occur after physical trauma; it is also possible to develop an infection when a cavity remains untreated. Patients at Sunny Smiles can count on treatment in… Read more »

Responding To Trouble With A Dental Crown

Have you started to feel uncomfortable with a dental crown? This type of restoration provides important protection for a vulnerable tooth. Its placement is meant to provide long-term stability and support while remaining comfortable. When you no longer feel comfortable using the crown for bite support, or when you generally struggle with discomfort or the… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry Offers Lasting Protection

When patients at Sunny Smiles have problems that require restorative treatments, they can look forward to care that protects teeth and also preserves how they look! We can offer these kinds of results because we rely on dental crowns and dental fillings that can imitate your healthy enamel. In addition to matching the appearances of… Read more »

Enjoy Cavity Care Without Altering Your Smile

There are different concerns people can bring in with them when they arrive at the dentist’s office for cavity treatment. If the problem is with one of your front teeth, you can worry that your procedure will ultimately make changes to your smile that are unflattering. The expectation that you will receive a metal filling… Read more »

Letting Your Dentist Know About Your Tooth Pain

Does it feel as if a pain in your tooth is only growing worse? When discomfort is consistent, or when it is growing uncomfortable enough to intrude on your ability to engage in your daily routine, you should worry for your oral health. By taking dental discomfort seriously and bringing it up with your dentist,… Read more »

We Place Fillings That Match Tooth Enamel

When a cavity affects any part of your smile, it can be a source of concern, but it can be more worrying to learn that you have a problem that affects a front tooth. After all, dental work that affects one of these teeth will be more difficult to hide, so if a restoration does… Read more »