Category: Restorative Dentistry

How Dental Fillings Resolve Cavity Troubles

It is natural to feel some frustration when you hear that you have a cavity. While you may be less than happy to spend time in the dentist’s chair being treated for decay, timely care is important. If you let a cavity go unaddressed, the damage can worsen, and that can change the type of… Read more »

How Root Canals Stop Tooth Pain

If it feels uncomfortable enough, tooth pain can certainly put a stop to your day. A throbbing pain, increased sensitivity, or any other kind of dental discomfort can be cause for alarm. Serious or persistent pain can be a warning that something is wrong with your oral health, which means you will need to see… Read more »

How A Resin Filling Matches Your Enamel

Treatment for a cavity includes the placement of a permanent restoration, something that you will need due to the effect decay has on your enamel. The tissue damage you experience is permanent, which is why prompt treatment to minimize harm is so important. The good news is that with a custom, lifelike filling, Sunny Smiles… Read more »

Treating Tooth Injuries With Dental Crowns

Treatment for a tooth injury addresses several difficulties. With a lifelike dental restoration in place, you will not have to worry about damage affecting the way you look. Another is that you can still bite and chew without pain or limitations. At Sunny Smiles, we can take care of you in the event that you… Read more »

Providing Retreatment After A Root Canal

Root canal therapy deals with problems within your tooth structure. When a cavity is serious enough to cause an infection, or when an injury does damage to your pulp, this is an important procedure, one that puts a stop to discomfort and makes saving your tooth possible. You should look forward to being free of… Read more »

How Can I Avoid A Root Canal Treatment?

It is certainly a good idea to avoid problems that make root canal therapy necessary. With that said, when your oral health issues make the service necessary, delaying care can have negative consequences. This service restores your oral health by addressing a problem that forms within your tooth structure. This can occur because you have… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Avoid Cavities

There are many reasons to stick with a thorough oral hygiene routine. You can prevent gingivitis, preserve an attractive smile, and fight the accumulation of particles that cause teeth stains. Of course, there is one other important benefit to doing so – when you take good care of your teeth, you prevent problems with cavities… Read more »

Should I See My Dentist About A Toothache?

Is it wise to wait out a toothache, or should you bring discomfort to your dentist’s attention as soon as possible? While a toothache can be triggered by something that is not an oral health issue – you could have pain related to a sinus problem, for example – it is a concern when pain… Read more »

Are You Starting To Worry About Your Filling?

You will need a permanent restoration after cavity treatment. A cavity is not just a problem because it damages your tooth structure. When decay makes restorative treatment necessary, it causes irreversible harm to your enamel, meaning the affected area will not heal over time. Fortunately, the filling or crown that you receive can provide long-term… Read more »

When A Crown Is Needed To Restore A Tooth

Why does restorative dental work call for the placement of a dental filling or crown to complete your care? These are needed because our teeth are limited in what they can do to naturally recover from harm. When a cavity forms, or when physical damage affects your enamel, it leaves behind problems that are permanent…. Read more »