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Root Canal Treatment For A Severe Cavity

man who needs root canal treatment

In time, a cavity can become a serious – and painful – problem for you. If the problem is addressed in time, your dentist can provide a dental filling before there are complications that affect your oral health and daily life. However, a cavity that remains untreated will eventually call for a root canal. This… Read more »

3 Problems A Dental Crown Can Address

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When you see your dentist out of concern for a tooth’s health, you can find that treatment can preserve both the tooth’s health and appearance. Sunny Smiles can preserve your smile while performing treatment, as we can provide dental crowns that imitate your enamel. These restorations are used in a number of different circumstances. While… Read more »

How Should I Respond If I Have A Severe Toothache?

woman with toothache

If you have a severe toothache, or pain that has not subsided after a short time, let your dentist know. The pain you feel could be a symptom of a problem that requires restorative dental work. At Sunny Smiles, we can take on your toothache on short notice. Our patients have access to emergency oral… Read more »

3 Questions You Might Have About Restorative Dentistry

If you take care of your smile at home and schedule regular dental exams, you can reduce your risk for cavities and other problems. In other words, you can have an easier time avoiding restorative dental work. While your goal should be to avoid oral health issues that call for dental work, it can be… Read more »

How A Root Canal Resolves Potentially Serious Dental Issues

Is treatment for your poor dental health really going to call for a root canal? For some patients, the idea of root canal therapy can be off-putting, even though they are lacking details on what this procedure involves and why it might be recommended. Simply put, a root canal addresses internal tooth issues. When the… Read more »

Will A Dental Filling Change The Way I Bite And Chew?

Because a cavity does permanent damage to your tooth structure, you may worry that you will need to change how you bite and chew. The good news is that with your custom dental restoration, you can trust that you can still count on your tooth for functional support. At Sunny Smiles, we are prepared to… Read more »

Tell Your Dentist If Tooth Pain Interferes With Your Bite

What stands between you and your favorite meal? For someone with an untreated tooth injury or serious cavity, persistent pain and sensitivity can make every meal difficult to enjoy. You should know that in addition to making it more difficult to bite and chew, tooth pain can be a warning that your tooth’s health is… Read more »

3 Smile Concerns That Can Call For A Dental Crown

There are times when restorative dental work is needed but a crown is not required. At regular dental exams, your smile is reviewed for any signs of tooth decay, which can lead to the detection of a cavity that you are not yet aware of. When smaller cavities are caught and treated, a dental filling… Read more »

Why You Should Treat A Cavity Like A Serious Concern

While cavities are a common threat, they are not a threat that you should take too lightly. If you underestimate what a cavity can do, you may find yourself in need of emergency dental work because of a painful tooth infection! Sunny Smiles is prepared to take care of issues that patients have with dental… Read more »

What Can I Do After Losing A Dental Crown Or Filling?

Your dental restoration provides permanent protection after an injury, or after cavity treatment. When you have a permanent dental crown or dental filling, you should feel comfortable biting and chewing even after undergoing a procedure. With the right materials, you can even maintain a confident smile, as your restoration can imitate healthy tooth structure. Unfortunately,… Read more »