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Using Dental Work To Improve The Look Of Misshapen Teeth

How worried should you be if your teeth seem to look misshapen, or if you have a tooth that appears out of place with the rest of your smile? If these flaws impact your appearance, you can feel some understandable concern, and have an interest in what you can do about the matter! Fortunately, cosmetic… Read more »

3 Things People Should Know About Life After Tooth Loss

How can tooth loss affect your life? The answer to this question will depend on how you respond to the matter. When you do nothing to address the loss of a tooth, or multiple teeth, you can start to have frustrating issues with biting and chewing, and you can become self-conscious about the way your… Read more »

Your Local Dentist Can Help You Address Tooth Pain

When it comes to sore muscles, sprained ankles, bruises, and small cuts, your body can typically heal itself over time. While medical attention can be needed after a seemingly “minor” injury, your immune system is often capable of naturally recovering from problems that occur. However, problems with your teeth can be a different matter. If… Read more »

Cavity Care And Your Appearance – What Should You Expect?

It can be alarming to hear that you have a cavity, particularly when that cavity is already serious enough to cause an infection. The harm done by decay is certainly reason enough to worry, but you can also be concerned about what to expect after your treatment is completed. Will your smile still look the… Read more »

Make Time To Speak With Your Dentist About Your Toothache

If your schedule is already full, you may be reluctant to make time for any other matters, even if something feels important. If that “other matter” you have to address is a persistent toothache, you should know that putting off a trip to see your dentist can lead to more discomfort, and the risk that… Read more »

Don’t Ignore An Issue Causing Dental Discomfort!

While our El Paso, TX dental practice recommends regular semiannual dental exams, you should understand that you can reach out for care whenever you think something might be wrong with your smile. In fact, if you put off an appointment in spite of dental discomfort, you can allow the problem to worsen! Issues with persistent… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Provide A Dependable And Attractive Crown

Your El Paso, TX dentist understands that when a patient has a cavity, they can worry about more than just the health of their tooth before and after treatment. You might be concerned with how dental decay might affect your tooth’s ability to function, or if it puts you at greater risk for future problems…. Read more »

Toothache That Won’t Go Away? Tell Your Dentist

If you have a toothache that refuses to depart, or frequent issues with dental pain or sensitivity while eating, ignoring the matter can be a big mistake. As nice as it might be for the problem to simply go away, you should be aware that your tooth could have a serious problem. This kind of… Read more »

How A Dental Implant Holds Your Restoration In Place

The support a dental implant provides your dental prosthetic can have a positive effect on your quality of life, your confidence, and your dental function. Implants serve an important role when it comes to restoring your complete smile. Because dental prostheses are only replacing the crown of your tooth (the portion above your gum line),… Read more »

What Should I Do If I Have A Concern About An Older Filling?

When a dental filling is placed, the goal is for that restoration to offer permanent support to your tooth. The unfortunate issue is that dental fillings, like your tooth structure, can slowly accumulate wear and tear over time, and they can eventually be affected to a degree that calls for attention from a professional. If… Read more »