Month: May 2018

Permanent Relief for Chronic Toothaches

When a toothache strikes, you can often find some measure of relief for it with an over-the-counter pain medication or home remedy of your choice. The problem, however, is that such solutions are typically temporary, and before long, the pain will be back again, sometimes worse. The reason is that toothaches are not a condition… Read more »

Can a Dental Crown Replace a Missing Tooth?

Replacing missing teeth has always been an important focus of contemporary dentistry. When a tooth is lost, the consequences can be severe for the rest of your oral health, including bite problems, an eroding jawbone, and more. Traditionally, replacing a single lost tooth has always been the job of a dental bridge consisting of a… Read more »

Good Reasons to Contour Your Gums

Sometimes, improving your smile doesn’t have anything to do with the appearance of your teeth, but rather the gums that surround them. If your gum line is uneven, then your smile will seem asymmetrical, as well. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has an answer for that, too. With cosmetic gum contouring, your dentist can carefully and artistically… Read more »

What Fluoride Does for Children’s Teeth

Fluoride has long been an important tool in effective children’s dentistry. For children who are at heightened risks of tooth decay, it’s an especially important tool. The mineral, fluoride, has a unique ability to bond to the layers of enamel surrounding your child’s teeth. By doing so, it can strengthen the enamel against harmful oral… Read more »