Month: July 2020

Dental Retreatment Can Address Problems After A Root Canal

When advanced tooth decay or a dental injury creates an internal problem for a tooth, root canal therapy is performed to address the matter. This procedure will see your El Paso, TX dentist remove infected and damaged tissues as well as bacteria present in your pulp, the tooth’s central chamber, before the space is sealed… Read more »

Properly Responding To Issues With Tooth Pain

If you are suffering from tooth pain, but have no clear idea of what is causing your discomfort, it can be hard to keep out some anxious thoughts. Just how serious is the problem, and what will the appropriate restorative dental treatment involve? Is it already too late to save a tooth, meaning your dentist will… Read more »

Finding A Family Dentist Who Can Care For Parents And Kids

Having a single dental practice that you can trust with your smile as well as your child’s can make your oral health care more convenient to manage. Relying on one practice makes it easier to set up everyone’s routine dental exams, and you can talk with your dentist about your own needs as well as… Read more »

Our Dental Office Has Weekend And Evening Hours Available

The care you put into maintaining a healthy smile can offer more benefits than you realize. Sure, you brush and floss in order to prevent the formation of teeth stains and dental decay. By keeping up with good habits, you also protect yourself against gingivitis, lowering your risk for tooth loss later in life. A… Read more »

Dentures Held By Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile!

If you need to replace an entire row of teeth but feel removable dentures will be uncomfortable, or if you are already growing dissatisfied with your removable dental prosthetic, your El Paso, TX dentist can help! At our practice, we are prepared to talk with you about the benefits of using All-On-4 implant dentures to… Read more »

Our El Paso Dentist’s Office Can Address A Dental Emergency

The idea of suffering a dental injury can be an uncomfortable one. It can be difficult to imagine going through an experience where a tooth is broken, knocked loose, or even completely dislodged. With that said, these problems do occur, and if you have to endure a problem like this, know that our El Paso,… Read more »

Scheduling The Extraction Of Your Wisdom Teeth

While you may be less than thrilled to learn that a wisdom tooth extraction is necessary, you can feel relieved when you realize what a timely extraction helps you avoid! When wisdom teeth start to arrive, they can become impacted due to lack of space for them. As this occurs, they can shift and become… Read more »

When Should You Schedule Your Next Dental Checkup?

If you are new to the area and looking for a dental office, or if you have fallen off the habit of scheduling dental exams, you should make setting your next appointment a priority. To keep your smile in good condition, you should strive to arrange a routine checkup every six months, unless you have… Read more »

We Can Treat A Cavity Without Changing Your Smile

After a cavity forms, it will continue to grow and do permanent harm to your tooth structure. When your El Paso, TX dentist identifies trouble with decay, they can arrange the appropriate restorative dental treatment to make sure that damage is stopped, and that your tooth is protected. You can be happy to know that… Read more »

Trusting A Dental Bridge To Improve Your Bite Function

Tooth loss can be a big source of anxiety for a person, as they can dread how a gap in their smile affects how they are perceived. While this is a significant concern on its own, it should be noted that tooth loss also creates difficulties for a person’s dental health by affecting the way… Read more »