Month: July 2020

Struggling With Stiff Jaw Movement? TMJ Treatment Can Help

If you start to develop problems with your jaw movement, you can quickly begin to miss the days of easy, painless biting and chewing. The onset of TMJ disorder can make these seemingly simple movements difficult, and it can lead to persistent pain and sensitivity problems. Your discomfort can affect more than just your jaw,… Read more »

Regular Teeth Cleanings Keep You Safe From Tartar Buildup

Are you effectively fighting tartar buildup with your daily routine? When you brush and floss on a consistent basis, you do have the ability to stop tartar from forming, as you can reliably remove plaque buildup. However, if you already have tartar accumulation to contend with, your daily routine will not help you to remove… Read more »

Tips For Introducing Your Child To The Dentist’s Office

There will be many “firsts” in the life of a young child, many of which will be important to their development. The right introduction to the dentist’s office can be more valuable to their long-term dental health than you might realize. An initial appointment gives your dentist the chance to check for any early signs… Read more »

Our Team Offers Same-Day Dental Implants

same day dental implants

Typically, the process of placing and restoring dental implants requires more than one visit, and in some cases, months in between the implant placement and the restoration being added to the new tooth. However, your El Paso, TX, dentists offer a more convenient option with same-day dental implants! In today’s blog, we’re going to look… Read more »

What Kind Of Denture Do You Need?

different types of dentures

If you have lost several of your teeth, or most of them, then you likely need a denture to prevent serious complications for your overall health. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentist discusses how we create a custom-made prosthetic, and the difference between full and partial dentures, and removable and implant-secured options too.