Month: November 2022

Problems To Discuss With A General Dentist

By keeping up with your oral health on a daily basis, you can protect yourself against threats like cavities and gum disease. Your regular dental visits also protect you against these problems. What you may not realize is how your visits also help you in many other ways. They provide important protection against any threats… Read more »

Can Emergency Dentistry Preserve My Smile?

There are different reasons why people find themselves seeking emergency dental work. While this kind of care is often required when injuries occur, it can also be sought because of a persistent or significant tooth pain. Any time a patient reaches out in need of this kind of help, Sunny Smiles can offer valuable support…. Read more »

Finding Time For Smile Care On A Saturday

The time and effort you put into smile care can help you avoid dental decay, gum disease, and problems that generally hurt your appearance. While you should put in time on your own, you should also make time for regular dental checkups in order to preserve your oral health. Has it been more than six… Read more »

Dental Cleanings Protect Gums And Teeth

The care put into maintaining your oral health protects you against cavities, and it can also help you avoid problems with your gums. Fighting problems with gingivitis can be more important than you realize. When this condition is not prevented, and it is not treated in time, you can experience issues with gum disease that are serious… Read more »

The Right Family Dentist For Your Household

Is everyone in your household enjoying the kind of smile care that they need to remain safe from oral health threats? For adults, regular dental visits provide important updates as well as cleanings that lower risks for cavities and gum disease. Children enjoy consistent preventive care in the office as well as guidance through the… Read more »

Receiving A Filling That Will Not Affect Your Smile

Is it necessary to receive a filling as part of your cavity treatment? Restorations are included in care for dental decay because cavities do permanent harm to enamel. To address this problem, a filling or dental crown will be used to provide long-term support. What you can be relieved to know is that there are… Read more »

Learn How Cosmetic Dentistry Fixes Smile Flaws

Knowing that you want to improve your smile is an important step in making the right cosmetic changes. With that said, it can be difficult to proceed from this point to actually undergoing treatment, as you can have too little information on what your dentist can actually do for you. By asking your dentist at… Read more »

How We Help During A Dental Emergency

Dental injuries and significant discomfort can become a serious cause for alarm. However, it can be less stressful to go through this kind of problem when you know you have access to emergency smile care. Patients at Sunny Smiles are able to reach out and enjoy treatment to take on any issues they have that… Read more »

Your Smile After Restorative Dentistry

What can you look forward to after undergoing restorative dental work? Your immediate concerns with dental decay or an injured tooth can be resolved through treatment. By visiting Sunny Smiles for treatment, you can also look forward to care that preserves how you look, as we rely on restorations that imitate healthy enamel. Whether you… Read more »

What You Can Discuss At A General Dental Exam

Taking too much time between dental exams leaves you less protected against cavities and gum disease. People who leave larger gaps between checkups can have a more difficult time avoiding difficulties with cavities and gum disease, and they can also let these problems develop and worsen to the point where they require more advanced care…. Read more »