Month: February 2022

How Dental Fillings Support And Protect Teeth

There are different measures you should take to keep your smile safe from harm. They include both at-home hygiene efforts and trips to see your dentist for routine services, as these combined efforts provide considerable protection against dental decay, gum disease, and more. Unfortunately, even when you practice good habits regularly, you can have trouble… Read more »

Oral Health Support For El Paso Families

When your family can receive the right oral health support at one location, arranging dental appointments becomes easier. After all, bringing everyone to one location for planned appointments can certainly beat traveling to different locations at different time. That being said, a reliable family dental office offers more than just convenience. Sunny Smiles can help… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry For A Tooth Injury

Restorative dentistry is needed when cavities form. In some cases, it can also be necessary when tooth injuries take place. While relatively minor damage can be addressed with more conservative cosmetic work, it may be necessary for you to have a dental crown put in place on a chipped or cracked tooth. By providing this… Read more »

Flaws Cosmetic Dentistry Can Treat

Cosmetic dental work is broadly focused on one important service—with your procedure, you can make your smile more attractive. The path to that more attractive smile will vary for different people, as they can come in with different concerns. For people in and around the El Paso, TX area, Sunny Smiles is able to recommend… Read more »

Does A Toothache Call For Urgent Care?

Any sign of trouble with your smile can make you concerned. With that said, a problem that causes you discomfort can be more than concerning, as it can be downright difficult to ignore the pain you are in! Because this can be both a difficult issue to endure and a real sign of oral health… Read more »

Finding The Right Dentist For Your Kids

As your child grows up, their smile and oral structures will change and mature. As wonderful as it can be to watch how their smile develops, they will need help developing a good commitment to oral hygiene to properly protect it. Parents certainly play a valuable role in the formation of their hygiene habits, but… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Removal To Protect Your Smile

Typically, our goals during dental work include the preservation of your complete smile. Even when you have to have a tooth extracted, we can recommend treatment with a prosthetic to serve as a replacement. However, that approach changes when we are dealing with the arrival of your wisdom teeth. The arrival of these teeth can… Read more »

When Should I Schedule A Teeth Cleaning?

If you want to avoid the kinds of problems that negatively affect your oral health and appearance, you should make good oral hygiene a priority. On a daily basis, you should put in time and effort to brush and floss thoroughly enough to keep plaque buildup from accumulating and calcifying into tartar. On a semiannual… Read more »

When Bite Pain Calls For TMJ Therapy

The onset of persistent bite pain and jaw stiffness can be concerning, but is it something you need to talk about with your dentist? Problems with joint pain and stiffness, limited bite movement, and similar issues all point to trouble with TMJ disorder. If you do have this problem, you should know that proper treatment… Read more »

Smile Changes Made By Veneers And Crowns

There are different problems concerning your smile that Sunny Smiles is prepared to help you address. Sometimes, we can actually identify trouble before you are aware something is wrong. At a routine dental exam, you can learn that you need restorative treatment for dental decay before you have issues with discomfort or changes to your… Read more »