Wisdom Teeth Removal To Protect Your Smile

Typically, our goals during dental work include the preservation of your complete smile. Even when you have to have a tooth extracted, we can recommend treatment with a prosthetic to serve as a replacement. However, that approach changes when we are dealing with the arrival of your wisdom teeth. The arrival of these teeth can actually hurt your appearance as well as your oral health; the longer it takes you to do something about their eruption, the more likely they are to affect both. At Sunny Smiles, we can take care of you by carefully extracting these teeth to stop them from crowding and damaging teeth, and to prevent problems with their partial or obstructed eruption.

Why Is The Arrival Of Wisdom Teeth A Problem?

What makes wisdom teeth different from our regular teeth, and why is their arrival considered a problem? These teeth, which are also known as our third molars, arrive later in life. For some, they will not erupt until the teenage years, while others will not have issues with them until adulthood. Once they start to move into place, you can experience pain due to feelings of crowding, as we often lack space for these teeth. Their movement can press against neighboring molars, damaging these teeth and causing crowding to occur. In time, this can lead to changes in your smile alignment that interferes with your appearance. You also need to worry that the lack of space will cause your third molars to become impacted, which means they shift as they erupt, making their removal more difficult.

Planning The Careful Extraction Of Your Wisdom Teeth

Once we see that you have a need to have wisdom teeth extracted, we can make arrangements to carefully remove them. To prevent complications, we can actually work to carefully access these molars beneath gums and jawbone. With this approach, we avoid problems with crowding, damage to enamel, and partial eruption. We will provide the appropriate care to help you heal, with both guidance and necessary in-office support. Unlike other scenarios where extractions need to take place, you will not need to follow this work with plans for prosthetic treatment.

Staying Informed About Your Oral Health

If you do a good job of scheduling and attending regular dental exams, you will remain better informed about the state of your oral health. As a result, you can have the appropriate work done in time when issues like dental decay, gum disease, or the eruption of your wisdom teeth create trouble for you. Without consistent appointments, you can miss out on timely services, which means you can experience difficult complications.

Talk To Sunny Smiles If You Think You Have Problems With Your Wisdom Teeth

Through the removal of your wisdom teeth, we can stop several oral health issues from occurring. If you would like to learn more about how we can take care of your smile and dental health, reach out to your El Paso, TX, dentists by calling our practice at 915-849-9000.