When Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Out?

A person’s wisdom teeth are taken out for the benefit of their overall oral health. Unlike other scenarios where a tooth extraction takes place, these are not replaced. The reason for this is that people often lack space for them, and their eruption will create issues with crowding, pain, and even problems with enamel damage. Once these teeth, also known as third molars, begin to move into place, they can create problems. Fortunately, this is something that can be caught and addressed early. You can receive feedback about this and other matters during regular dental exams and Sunny Smiles. Once they are taken care of, you can be free from concern about how their arrival might impact your appearance and well-being.

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

What is it about our wisdom teeth that make removing them appropriate? If they start to erupt, they can start to impact your oral health and appearance in upsetting ways. Because we often have limited space for them, they can press against neighboring molars and cause you problems with pain and crowding. They can also become impacted, which means they do not erupt properly, leading to more discomfort and more potential problems. If they continue to push against teeth, it can affect their alignment, which can result in problems with malocclusion. Fortunately, when you have regular checkups, you can learn when they are starting to move into position, and when it is appropriate to have them extracted.

Scheduling Your Extraction

When appropriate, we can plan on having your wisdom teeth extracted. The movement of these teeth, and their relative positions, will inform how they are removed. In some situations, it will be appropriate to have them taken out before they start to move and become impacted. This can call for minor oral surgery to safely access and remove them. Unlike other situations where you need to have teeth removed, this is not followed up with the placement of prosthetic restorations.

We Keep You Informed About Your Oral Health During Regular Visits

The movement of your wisdom teeth is just one matter that we monitor when we evaluate patients during regular dental checkups. Your appointments give us opportunities to look out for early warning signs of decay, which can result in a more conservative restorative dental procedure. We can also provide timely warnings and intervention for gum disease, so you can avoid long-term difficulties from poor periodontal health.

Discuss Wisdom Teeth Extraction At Sunny Smiles!

When your wisdom teeth are properly extracted, you can avoid potential problems with your oral health and appearance. Our practice is prepared to help you take on this problem, and we can provide routine updates so that you can have them addressed before there are complications. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.