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What Causes My Toothache?

el paso toothaches

A toothache can be frustrating and painful, but lack of treatment could allow it to grow worse, and even leave your smile’s stability in question. To address the pain and bring relief, you need to see us for treatment, including filling placement. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists talk about the causes of… Read more »

Family Dentistry That Meets Your Household’s Needs

Is everyone in your household enjoying the right protection against oral health threats? To provide truly effective support, you should make sure your family has access to professional dental care while also practicing smart hygiene habits at home. To help with this, you can turn to Sunny Smiles for dental care that supports people of… Read more »

Dentistry That Supports Kids And Adults

Parenting is a significant commitment of time and effort. That can make it hard for you to make sure your own needs are fully being met; if one of those needs you put aside is dental care, the effect on your smile can rob you of confidence and threaten your general health! Fortunately, Sunny Smiles… Read more »

Dentistry That Meets The Needs Of Your Family

There are different ways to approach dental care for people with different needs. Sometimes, that means responding to the needs of someone who has several oral health issues versus helping someone maintain a problem-free smile. It can also means adjusting in-office care to meet the needs of patients who see us for pediatric oral health… Read more »

Dental Cleanings Protect Patients’ Oral Health

When you schedule a routine dental exam, you can count on your dentist to identify a problem with your smile and provide the appropriate treatment. Another benefit to routine care is that it can actually lower risks for future threats to your teeth and gums. This is because these visits provide thorough professional dental cleanings…. Read more »

The Right Family Dentist For Your Household

Is everyone in your household enjoying the kind of smile care that they need to remain safe from oral health threats? For adults, regular dental visits provide important updates as well as cleanings that lower risks for cavities and gum disease. Children enjoy consistent preventive care in the office as well as guidance through the… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile Through Dental Cleanings

How much protection are you currently providing your smile? You can take good care of your teeth and gums each day when you brush and floss, and when you make smart diet choices, but you should make sure you enjoy consistent professional support, too. Going without professional preventive services means missing out on thorough reviews… Read more »

Enjoying Access To Saturday Dental Visits

If you feel that there is just no way to fit a dental appointment into your current weekly schedule, is there any way you can effectively make time to enjoy smile care? Patients at Sunny Smiles can enjoy timely support when they book dental visits on the weekend! We provide Saturday office hours so that… Read more »

Providing Dental Care For Your Family

Your family may have different needs from a dentist, but you should all be able to count on the kind of smile care that helps you stay safe against threats to your appearance and well-being! You can appreciate the convenience of an all-ages dental office when you make appointments at Sunny Smiles. We provide oral… Read more »

Booking A Dental Exam On A Weekend

Is it hard to make time for different appointments on your typical weekday? Finding it hard to book a dental exam will leave you in a vulnerable position, as missing out on appointments means having a more difficult time preventing the onset of problems with your dental health and appearance. For patients at Sunny Smiles,… Read more »