Category: Family Dentistry

Arranging Your Family’s Dental Cleanings

How important are dental cleanings when you already take care of your smile each day by brushing and flossing? While daily oral hygiene efforts are valuable, you should not regard them as a replacement for the kind of preventive services you receive during routine dental visits. At Sunny Smiles, we can make sure patients of… Read more »

Finding A Dependable Family Dentist

Family dentistry covers the needs and concerns of patients of all ages. In other words, you can bring everyone in your household in for important oral health support. Sunny Smiles is here to help families in and around El Paso keep their teeth and gums in good health. We can do so by providing ongoing… Read more »

What Happens When You Skip Dental Cleanings?

You have a routine for smile care that you feel is serving you well, one that you believe keeps you safe from problems that negatively impact a person’s oral health. Do you still need to schedule preventive care if you are taking the right care of your smile at home? You should feel confident in… Read more »

Smile Care From Your El Paso Family Dentist

Your El Paso family dentist is here to take care of everyone in your household. Sunny Smiles welcomes both adults and kids at our practice, and we take care to make sure that people of all ages receive the care that truly fits their needs. For adults, routine services focus on helpful updates and warnings… Read more »

Reliable Family Dentistry In El Paso

Family dental care can cover the needs of everyone in your household. When you find a practice that is prepared to see both parents and kids, you can have an easier time arranging everyone’s care. You can also feel more comfortable when you have one office to turn to for different smile concerns. Sunny Smiles… Read more »