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Preventive Measures Keep Your Smile Healthy

El Paso,. TX , dentist offers preventive care for the whole family

Have you ever wondered why you are told to see the dentist twice a year? These biannual visits help monitor your oral health and check for signs of potential concerns. Your El Paso, TX, dentist offers these preventive checkups for adults and children. Even if you believe that you take adequate care of your teeth… Read more »

Proper Brushing And Flossing Habits

You should see our team for a checkup and cleaning every six months to keep your smile healthy and strong. But you also need to care for your smile in between these appointments! In today’s blog, your Sunny Smiles team talks about proper brushing and flossing habits.

Family Smiles: The Power of Preventative Dentistry

When it comes to dentistry, prevention is truly the best medicine. Adopting a proactive approach to oral health through preventative dentistry not only saves you from future dental woes but also promotes overall well-being for your entire family. In this blog, your dental clinic in El Paso, TX will explore the key components of preventative… Read more »

The Gift of Oral Hygiene

As the holiday season approaches, we often find ourselves immersed in the joy of giving. While the allure of traditional presents is undeniable, there is a unique and invaluable gift that tends to be overlooked – the gift of oral hygiene for your family. Beyond the shimmering wrapping paper and festive bows lies a present… Read more »

What Makes A Tooth Ache?

el paso toothache

When you have a tooth that begins to hurt or feel sensitive when you eat or drink, don’t ignore your discomfort! Otherwise, this minor ache could mean a cavity could become a painful dental infection. In today’s blog, your Sunny Smiles team talks about the factors behind a toothache and how we offer relief.

Tips For Good Oral Hygiene

el paso oral hygiene

We want you to enjoy strong and healthy smiles, so your teeth can shine and you can avoid issues like tooth decay and gum disease. One way to keep these concerns at bay is with good oral health habits. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists talk about how you can enjoy strong and… Read more »

Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning!

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What habits help you present the best smile possible? Brushing and flossing certainly form the bedrock of clean and healthy teeth by removing plaque deposits that can form on their surface. When you double up your smile protection with regular cleanings and examinations, you give yourself the full preventive smile care package. Because certain oral… Read more »

Is It Time To Visit The Dentist?

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Staying on top of regular trips to your dentist’s office helps you maintain your healthy smile. By adopting a preventive attitude towards oral care, you reduce your need for more involved treatments by stopping decay and gum disease before they even start. Your biannual visits also provide the opportunity to detect existing issues before they… Read more »

General Dentistry Can Safeguard Your Smile

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General dentistry involves comfortable and noninvasive treatments to help you avoid the complications of serious oral health issues, including tooth decay and gum disease. In today’s blog, Sunny Smiles wants to talk about our general dental procedures, and how these can help strengthen your teeth and gums. We provide these services for kids as well… Read more »

What Causes My Toothache?

el paso toothaches

A toothache can be frustrating and painful, but lack of treatment could allow it to grow worse, and even leave your smile’s stability in question. To address the pain and bring relief, you need to see us for treatment, including filling placement. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists talk about the causes of… Read more »