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Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can Protect Your Smile

Why is it so common for people to have their wisdom teeth removed, and what is it about these particular teeth that make them so expendable when it comes to your dental function? For any other tooth you might lose, your El Paso, TX dentist can recommend the placement of an attractive and durable dental… Read more »

How a Wisdom Tooth Becomes a Problem

Wisdom teeth are most notoriously known for the problems that they can often cause. In fact, for some people, the mere mention of wisdom teeth automatically brings up thoughts of discomfort, pain, and more. That’s because wisdom teeth – the non-official name for your third molars – often don’t have the room they need to… Read more »

How Your Smile Benefits from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are unique from your other teeth in that, for the most part, you don’t really need them. As the third set of permanent molars to develop, they’re not necessary to process the modern human diet. In fact, over time, our jawbones have become smaller because of the reduced need for chewing power. That’s… Read more »

What to Do When Your Wisdom Teeth Are Growing In

Not everyone knows exactly what to do when their wisdom teeth are growing in. For some people, the development of third molars can cause immediate problems, becoming impacted and causing severe levels of discomfort. For others, the problems aren’t immediately apparent, and they may wonder if extracting them is really a good idea. At our… Read more »

When Is a Good Time to Extract a Wisdom Tooth?

The most commonly known thing about wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) is that they tend to cause more problems than any other teeth. That’s because, unlike with other permanent teeth, third molars don’t always have enough room to develop and erupt properly. This leads to wisdom tooth impaction, and for many patients in… Read more »

Clarifying a Few Things About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Most people recognize the term wisdom teeth even if they’ve never had to deal with them. Unfortunately, the association is usually a negative one, as the molars are most well-known for the problems they can cause when they become impacted. For patients in El Paso, TX, who experience wisdom tooth impaction, or who wish to… Read more »

The Consequences of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth, or third molar, is the last molar to grow at either end of your upper and lower dental ridges. The four molars typically begin to erupt by the age 17 or 18, when all others have already fully developed. The problem with wisdom teeth is that there is often little room along… Read more »

Deciding to Remove a Wisdom Tooth

With a name like “wisdom teeth,” you might expect your third and final set of adult molars to be something to look forward to. Unfortunately, for many people, they’re not. The last four teeth to erupt on your dental ridges bring the average total of permanent teeth to 32. The problem with wisdom teeth, however,… Read more »

The Growth and Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

A healthy human mouth typically grows 32 permanent teeth by early adulthood. Unfortunately, the average human mouth is only suited to hold 28 teeth comfortably. The last four teeth are known as wisdom teeth, or third molars. Although not everyone grows all or any of these teeth, when they do come in, they are frequently… Read more »

Why Wisdom Teeth Cause So Much Trouble

Wisdom teeth used to be considered a rite of passage of sorts, signifying the transition into young adulthood. However, wisdom teeth are more often considered a problem that causes increasing discomfort and complicates oral health care. In fact, because wisdom teeth cause so much trouble when they become impacted by other molars or your jawbone,… Read more »