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Questions To Ask About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth are not like other teeth. If you are in a situation where your dentist recommends that another tooth is extracted, you can make plans to regain your full smile with a custom dental prosthetic. Your wisdom teeth are not replaced when they are extracted, and they can be removed despite the absence… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth And Dental Discomfort

Is it time for you to do something about your wisdom teeth? For your other teeth, an extraction is typically only recommended as a last resort. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are often removed preemptively to avoid problems that these teeth can cause upon erupting. People often lack space for these molars, which makes their… Read more »

Arranging Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Typically, when your dentist addresses an active oral health issue, a tooth extraction is something that is only recommended as a last resort. This may be the case under many circumstances, but when it comes to problems with your wisdom teeth, an extraction can be the ideal course of action. People tend to have their… Read more »

Problems Linked To Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Are you starting to experience oral health problems because your wisdom teeth are trying to move into place? Our wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last to erupt, and they often do not arrive until a person is close to grown or already an adult. Unfortunately, their arrival is often not a welcome development…. Read more »

We Are Ready To Safely Extract Your Wisdom Teeth

You should not put off treatment to safely extract your wisdom teeth after they become a problem. People often lack the space for them, which leads to problems with their arrival. A lack of space can cause them to shift or press painfully against neighboring teeth. If this happens, you can experience crowding, you can… Read more »

When Will You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When your wisdom teeth begin to arrive, you can experience pain and sensitivity as they press against neighboring teeth. Our wisdom teeth are the last of our secondary (“adult”) teeth to arrive. When they do show up, they often have trouble fitting in because there is not enough space for them. This crowding can lead… Read more »

An Impacted Wisdom Tooth Can Cause Big Problems For You

A person’s bite function depends on the presence of a full set of teeth. Even one absence can make biting and chewing difficult, which can lead to frustrating oral health difficulties. With that said, there is one important exception – patients tend to have their wisdom teeth extracted and not replaced. Many individuals lack the… Read more »

How Will I Know If My Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out?

While you may already know many people who have had their wisdom teeth removed, you may not know if your teeth need to be taken out, or when that extraction might need to occur. It is important to make sure that issues with wisdom teeth are addressed early. If these teeth erupt when there is… Read more »

Watch Out For The Symptoms Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If you have not had them removed yourself, you may be unclear on why so many people have their wisdom teeth extracted. Typically, a tooth extraction will be followed by plans to replace the tooth that was lost. However, this is not done for your wisdom teeth. People often lack the space for these teeth,… Read more »

Scheduling The Extraction Of Your Wisdom Teeth

While you may be less than thrilled to learn that a wisdom tooth extraction is necessary, you can feel relieved when you realize what a timely extraction helps you avoid! When wisdom teeth start to arrive, they can become impacted due to lack of space for them. As this occurs, they can shift and become… Read more »