Wisdom Teeth: When Is The Best Time To Remove Them?

El Paso, TX, dentist offers wisdom tooth removalsIn most cases, your dentist will do their best to protect your natural pearly whites and avoid the need to extract any. This rule does not apply to your wisdom teeth, though. Your third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are usually planned to be removed before they can cause damage to your smile. Today, your Sunny Smiles team explores the planning process for wisdom tooth extraction.

Biannual Examinations Can Help Track Their Development

By now you may already know that biannual dental checkups can help protect your oral health. Aside from providing you with a cleaning and detecting cavities early, they can also be used to monitor the growth of your teeth. Your dentist may be able to track the development of your third molars as they come in. Usually, these structures form in our late teens or early adulthood. X-rays or other images can be taken to help track their development. Your dentist can watch their development so that an extraction can be scheduled ahead of time. This can help reduce the chances of impaction, where the tooth does not fully erupt, or other problems.

Discomfort And Sensitivity Could Be A Sign of Impaction

Wisdom tooth impaction happens when the structure cannot fully erupt past the gumline. This can cause swelling, sensitivity, and discomfort. Impaction may occur if there is not enough space for the new structures to erupt or they develop at an incorrect angle. This can cause damage to your other pearly whites, can cause sensitivity and discomfort, can even lead to an infection. By monitoring the changes of your smile and alerting your dentist of symptoms you may be experiencing, this problem can be avoided. If a wisdom tooth does become impacted, a removal will need to be scheduled as soon as possible to protect your oral health.

Plan Your Oral Surgery Ahead Of Time

This procedure is more invasive and will require a few days to recover. Before the treatment, your dentist will take X-rays of the area and prepare you for treatment. You may be sedated for your comfort and the area may be numbed. There are four wisdom teeth, and each one will need to be removed. The appointment may take around an hour. Afterward, a friend or family member will need to drive you home. It can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks to heal from your surgery. Make sure to follow the given care instructions and take enough time off of work and school.

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