What Can Dental Crowns Help With?

El Paso, TX, dentist offers dental crowns

If you have ever harmed a tooth, you know how alarming and frustrating this can be. A broken or cracked tooth can cause discomfort and worry. It’s important that you treat this problem as soon as possible so that it does not harm your smile. Your Sunny Smiles team offers lifelike dental crowns that can restore your pearly whites after harm. This restoration is a tooth-shaped cap that protects your damaged dental structure.

Protecting Your Smile After Damage

A common reason that dental crowns are used is to restore your tooth after damage. You may have chipped it when biting into something too hard, broken it when playing a game, or fractured it in an accident. These emergencies need to be addressed as soon as possible with a restoration so that the harm does not worsen. Your dentist will assess the injury and take measurements to create your custom tooth-shaped cap. It will be made out of durable material that blends in naturally with the rest of your grin. The cap can help protect the area and allow you to chew and speak without discomfort.

Paired With Other Restorations

A cap may also be used in combination with other restorations. For instance, if you have lost several teeth in the same row, a dental bridge may be used to fill in this gap. Caps will be placed over the supporting teeth so that they do not wear from holding your bridge in place. Another way to replace missing teeth is with dental implants. With this, a post will be inserted into your jawbone to create a sturdy base. Then, an abutment piece and crown will be secured. The crown allows your prosthetic to look natural and restore function to your smile. This restoration may also be used after root canal therapy. After the damaged pulp of your tooth has been removed, the structure may feel weakened and sensitive. Adding a cap over the area can improve your chewing and speaking ability.

Creating Your Lifelike Restoration

Your dentist will take an impression of your smile to create your custom restoration. This will help ensure that the cap’s size and shape fit precisely to the area it will be bonded. It may be made of materials such as porcelain, zirconia, metal, or a combination to create a lifelike and secure option. You will be able to continue regular functions like eating, chewing, and talking after having the cap added. Remember to continue your regular oral hygiene routine and consistent dental visits to keep your natural teeth healthy. Your crown can last for several years with proper care.

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