Month: June 2019

Arranging Treatment To Deal With Significant Teeth Stains

Significant teeth stains can be difficult to address when you only try to address the problem with store bought whitening products. These products can help you make improvements by removing stains from the surface of your teeth, but you can have particles below the surface of your enamel that remain. If you want to see… Read more »

Take Part In A Rare Plant Tour July 13!

On Saturday, July 13, you can explore the great outdoors of El Paso, and learn abut the local fauna, by joining the Rare Plant Tour! A guided tour, led by a local expert, can introduce you to the many interesting species that exist around our community. You can even learn how to identify some of… Read more »

We Can Provide Relief If You Are Experiencing Dental Pain

Dental pain is an intrusive, frustrating problem – it can also be a warning that something is really wrong with your oral health. If you try to ignore discomfort, even as it continues to assert its presence, you should know that you could be ignoring a problem that can worsen over time. If the pain… Read more »

Can One Cosmetic Treatment Address Multiple Issues?

How much difference can you really make for your appearance if you only schedule one cosmetic dental treatment? How many steps are going to be required if you want to deal with multiple flaws? These are important questions – after all, a person’s willingness to undergo cosmetic work can be affected by what they think… Read more »

Regular Checkups Make Your Oral Health Easier To Manage

How much effort are you currently putting towards preserving the health of your teeth and gums? Hopefully, each day finds you keeping up with good brushing and flossing habits, while also making sure your diet choices are smile-friendly. When you maintain good habits at home, you can limit your risk for trouble, but this does… Read more »

What Options Do I Have For Restoring My Incomplete Smile?

There are several options you can pursue when you want to do something about tooth loss. You can look into a single-tooth restoration to close a smile gap, or talk to your El Paso, TX dentist about receiving a larger prosthetic appliance to replace multiple missing teeth. You can also opt for dental implant support… Read more »

Schedule Treatment To Address Pain Caused By A Cavity

The throbbing pain in your tooth is certainly a problem, but it may not be your only concern when it comes to your oral health. A persistent toothache can be a sign that you are dealing with an infected tooth. This can happen when a cavity is not treated in time to stop decay from… Read more »

Enjoy Live Music In El Paso At Music Under The Stars

El Paso families have two more opportunities to enjoy live music under the night’s sky this month, as part of the Music Under The Stars program! Music Under The Stars hosts Sunday night concerts at Chamizal National Memorial. Families can take blankets and chairs, stretch out under the stars, and listen to great live music…. Read more »

Using Dental Work To Improve The Look Of Misshapen Teeth

How worried should you be if your teeth seem to look misshapen, or if you have a tooth that appears out of place with the rest of your smile? If these flaws impact your appearance, you can feel some understandable concern, and have an interest in what you can do about the matter! Fortunately, cosmetic… Read more »

Having Custom Veneers Crafted To Address Your Smile Concerns

Is this a good time for you to consider cosmetic dental work? If you have an important event coming up, and you want to look your best, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out how little time it takes to fit in a procedure. If your social or professional calendar is light, you can… Read more »