Month: November 2016

Why Tooth Extraction Might Be a Good Idea

For many people, wisdom tooth extraction is more than a good idea—it’s a necessity to stop the impacted molars from damaging the rest of their smiles. Sometimes, though, extracting a tooth that isn’t impacted is also a good idea, such as if the tooth is damaged or extremely infected, or if it’s lost support due… Read more »

Make Your Tooth New Again with a Dental Crown

Your teeth can’t repair themselves when they’re damaged. But today’s dental crowns can make teeth like new again, protecting them so they can continue to perform their duties. In many cases, crowns are crafted to closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth, serving the dual purposes of restoring and cosmetically improving your smile at the same… Read more »

3 Questions About Bonding & Contouring

It isn’t enough just to make your smile prettier; successful cosmetic dentistry also means protecting your natural teeth and gums to ensure your beautiful smile lasts for life. With tooth bonding and contouring, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—a significantly improved smile and the preservation of your healthy, natural smile’s tooth structure. Bonding… Read more »

When Should Children Start Getting Checkups and Cleanings?

As a parent, you do all you can to give your children the tools they’ll need be healthy, happy adults. One of the first things we teach them is how to brush and floss their teeth every day, and it seems like every day, there’s a battle about what they expose their teeth to. Yet… Read more »