Make Your Tooth New Again with a Dental Crown

make-your-tooth-new-again-with-a-dental-crownYour teeth can’t repair themselves when they’re damaged. But today’s dental crowns can make teeth like new again, protecting them so they can continue to perform their duties. In many cases, crowns are crafted to closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth, serving the dual purposes of restoring and cosmetically improving your smile at the same time. If you’ve lost a tooth, a crown might also serve as an excellent, highly lifelike replacement for it when supported by a dental crown.

How a Dental Crown Works

The top part of your tooth is called the crown, and like its namesake, a dental crown is designed to completely cover the tooth up to the gum line. Your dentist takes highly detailed images and measurements of the tooth that needs repair and those around it, then uses the details to craft a highly lifelike, strong and blemish-free replica. To accommodate the crown, your dentist will carefully sculpt the tooth, and once the crown is made, your dentist will permanently bond it to the tooth. With a crown in place, a cracked, fractured, or otherwise compromised tooth can continue to perform its duties without sustaining further damage.

What if You’ve Lost a Tooth?

With the growing popularity of dental implants for replacing lost teeth, dental crowns are increasingly taking on a new role. A dental implant is a small, root like post that your dentist places in your jawbone. Once the bone heals, your dentist can secure a dental crown to it, recreating the root and crown structure of your lost tooth. An implant and crown offers a more realistic option for tooth replacement than a dental bridge, with the added bonus of not needing the support of nearby healthy teeth.