Month: February 2017

The Common Causes of Adult Tooth Loss

It happens so often as people get older that you might not even question it. But there are specific reasons for every case of adult tooth loss, and age is never one of them. In fact, the most common cause of adult tooth loss is gum disease—a condition that often results from inadequate hygiene and… Read more »

Tips to Avoid Cavity Treatment

If you have a cavity already, then you should not try to avoid treatment. Otherwise, the cavity will only grow worse and make more extensive treatment necessary. However, if your tooth has yet to develop a cavity, then you have a good chance of avoiding it, and therefore avoiding the need for treatment to restore… Read more »

Common Questions About Gum Contouring

There are several options for improving your smile, and many of them focus on building up or restoring the appearance of your teeth. However, your smile’s appearance may be affected by more than just your teeth; for instance, excessive or uneven gum tissues can make your smile seem crooked even if your teeth are straight…. Read more »

Lessons About Teeth-Grinding

Even when you’re diligent about keeping your teeth clean and healthy, you might not always consider every threat to your smile. For instance, patients with bruxism may not realize that their teeth are a danger to themselves, and that without treatment, they may experience a number of increasingly worse dental health issues. Bruxism is the… Read more »