Lessons About Teeth-Grinding

Even when you’re diligent about keeping your teeth clean and healthy, you might not always consider every threat to your smile. For instance, patients with bruxism may not realize that their teeth are a danger to themselves, and that without treatment, they may experience a number of increasingly worse dental health issues. Bruxism is the clinical name for persistent teeth-grinding, and because it happens most often at night, you might not realize that you have it. Therefore, the most important lesson about teeth-grinding is to recognize its symptoms, dangers, and possible treatments so you can be better prepared to save your smile.

It Isn’t Just a Habit

By itself, grinding your teeth isn’t inherently dangerous. In fact, most people clench and grind their teeth together occasionally, such as when they’re angry, stressed, or in pain. But for patients with bruxism, the action is consistent and often unconscious. Rather than a habit, bruxism is an often uncontrollable condition, and you should take it seriously by seeking treatment immediately if you notice its symptoms.

It Can Cause More Damage than You Realize

If you grind your teeth enough, then you’ll eventually notice that your teeth become more sensitive. You might also instinctively realize that grinding your teeth together can wear down their chewing surfaces. Beyond that, however, untreated bruxism can lead to a host of serious dental health issues. If your teeth’s surfaces become worn, then your jaws will have to work harder to operate properly, which can exhaust your jaw joints and lead to chronic TMJ disorder.

Treating It Is Often Easy!

For many patients, treating bruxism is as easy as wearing a custom-designed oral appliance while they sleep. A bruxism appliance will protect your teeth from grinding as you sleep, preventing the dental damage that could result. If your teeth are already damaged, then your treatment might also include a conservative restoration to rebuild their compromised structures.

Take a lesson from your dentist about teeth-grinding; if you experience it, then put a stop to it as soon as possible! Learn more by calling the Sunny Smiles dental office nearest you in El Paso, TX, today!