Struggling With Stiff Jaw Movement? TMJ Treatment Can Help

If you start to develop problems with your jaw movement, you can quickly begin to miss the days of easy, painless biting and chewing. The onset of TMJ disorder can make these seemingly simple movements difficult, and it can lead to persistent pain and sensitivity problems. Your discomfort can affect more than just your jaw, too, as this problem is often linked to individuals’ struggles with headaches and neck pains. Our El Paso, TX dentist’s office can work with you to find the reason for your TMJ disorder. A custom oral appliance can relieve tension that impacts your jaw joints and muscles. We may also recommend restorative dental work, which can make improvements to your bite function if you have trouble with dental pain or sensitivity.

Jaw Problems Can Make Daily Life More Difficult

When you are not able to move your jaw without pain or stiffness, it can become difficult to go through your daily life. If TMJ disorder causes you to start grinding your teeth while you sleep, it can make mornings particularly unpleasant, as you can wake up with painful or sensitive teeth. You can also have difficulties with speaking, laughing, and eating throughout the day as your jaw feels sore or tender.

How A Custom Appliance Reduces Tension Affecting Jaw Joints And Facial Muscles

With a custom oral appliance, you can relieve tension in your jaw joints and muscles in order to move past trouble with TMJ disorder. Several issues can lead to these difficulties – poor bite alignment, tooth loss, jaw joint arthritis, and other issues may be responsible for its onset. With a custom oral appliance, you can gently change the position of your jaw during rest to bring down the tension felt in your joints and muscles. As time passes, the alleviation of tension can help you move past pain and sensitivity!

Will You Need Dental Work To Move Past Your Jaw Pain?

If you have bite problems due to a toothache or a gap in your smile, restorative dental work can help. Dental pain can call attention to a cavity that requires treatment with a root canal procedure. After this procedure is performed, a tooth can be equipped with a dental crown for protection and functional support. Prosthetic dental work can lead to beneficial changes in your dental function. Once your full smile is restored, you can bite and chew in a way that feels natural, and no longer worry about working around a gap where tooth loss occurred.

Talk To Your El Paso, TX Dentist’s Office About Jaw Stiffness And Pain

Sunny Smiles dental offices in El Paso, TX are prepared to help patients who struggle with frustrating jaw stiffness and pain. If these problems currently affect your quality of life, you can reach out to our Dyer St. location by calling 915-859-7000.