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How General Dentistry Protects Healthy Smiles

Is there something you can do to make sure your smile is going to remain healthy over time? A good oral hygiene routine at home is important, but it should not be all you rely on to protect your teeth and gums. General dental care provided during your routine visits can help you avoid trouble… Read more »

Smile Concerns A General Dentist Can Address

Your oral health can have more impact on you than you might realize. When problems arise and are not treated in time, there are complications that can seriously impact how you look. Serious issues can even lead to trouble for your general health! Fortunately, regular dental appointments can help to ensure that you have the… Read more »

When You Book A Weekend Dental Visit

Finding the time for dental work is important, but it is not always easy. There are times when the typical office hours offered by dental practices just fail to align with your free time, which can lead to understandable frustration. What you should know is that Sunny Smiles can make appointments easier to secure by… Read more »

General Dentistry And Gum Health

At general dental checkups, you receive feedback regarding the condition of your smile. You can expect to learn whether or not you have cavity issues, but you should know that these appointments provide more than just updates about decay. At Sunny Smiles, we perform thorough reviews for our patients when they come in for general… Read more »

Are You Behind On Your General Dental Visits?

General dentistry provides an important line of defense for your smile, one that can keep you safe against cavities, gum disease, and other problems that can affect your appearance as well as your health. During your time in the dentist’s chair at Sunny Smiles, you can count on thorough reviews, guidance, and professional cleanings to… Read more »

Dental Services Offered On Saturdays

The more you have to do on your typical weekday, the less flexibility you can enjoy in your overall schedule. Sunny Smiles understands that finding time for dental checkups can be difficult for people when they already have to manage different responsibilities like work and parenting. With that said, we want patients to understand that… Read more »

General Dentistry In The El Paso Area

Have you found the right dentist to serve your family? For people in and around the El Paso area seeking general dental services, Sunny Smiles is here to help. Because we make care available to patients of all ages, we can support everyone in a household, making services easier to access. We provide important services… Read more »

Problems That Dental Cleanings Help Prevent

Is your smile vulnerable to problems with dental decay and gum disease? We manage our risks for these and other problems through good oral hygiene habits. That means putting in time to brush and floss each day, but it also means taking advantage of the care offered at regular dental exams. At Sunny Smiles, we… Read more »

Are Dental Visits Available On The Weekend?

Weekends are often seen as both a time to unwind and a time to handle certain tasks that are difficult to fit into the work week. If your commitment to smile care is challenged by your inability to find time for dental visits during the week, Sunny Smiles can help. Our office hours include time… Read more »

How General Dentistry Keeps Your Smile Healthy

Is there something more that you should do to keep your smile healthy? At home, you should stick to a routine that sees you brush and floss thoroughly. Along with a healthy, low-sugar diet, your routine will help you avoid cavities and keep oral bacteria from proliferating. What you should also do to protect yourself… Read more »