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Permanent Relief for Chronic Toothaches

When a toothache strikes, you can often find some measure of relief for it with an over-the-counter pain medication or home remedy of your choice. The problem, however, is that such solutions are typically temporary, and before long, the pain will be back again, sometimes worse. The reason is that toothaches are not a condition… Read more »

A Few Things You Should Know About Snoring

Depending on how often and how loudly you snore, it may not seem like a big deal, especially if you stop snoring as soon as you roll over to your side. For many patients, though, snoring occurs more frequently than they may realize, no matter what they position they sleep in. For chronic snorers, the… Read more »

Why Are My Teeth Loose?

When healthy, your teeth have a very slight amount of flexibility within their sockets. This flexibility helps ensure that your teeth can withstand the immense pressures of biting and chewing without damaging their roots or jawbone. However, when your teeth are noticeably loose, then their foundation may be in trouble, and you may be at… Read more »

Top 3 Reasons for Toothaches

A toothache isn’t exactly a dental issue; it’s a symptom that is shared by a large number of dental issues. When your toothache persists, the best way to find relief is to let your dentist find the reason why. The most common reasons for toothaches typically involve damage or infection to your tooth’s structure; therefore,… Read more »

3 Questions About Bonding & Contouring

It isn’t enough just to make your smile prettier; successful cosmetic dentistry also means protecting your natural teeth and gums to ensure your beautiful smile lasts for life. With tooth bonding and contouring, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—a significantly improved smile and the preservation of your healthy, natural smile’s tooth structure. Bonding… Read more »