Trusting A Root Canal To Stop An Issue With Tooth Pain

A tooth pain that refuses to subside should concern you. Problems with pain and sensitivity can be symptoms of an infection, which can occur if a tooth is injured or affected by a cavity. When too much time passes without treatment, enough harm can occur to leave an infected tooth past the point of saving. Fortunately, treatment is available if you develop an issues with dental pain. Our dentist’s office can help you if you are in this situation by providing root canal therapy. This procedure targets problems within a tooth that put your oral health at risk. In addition to performing this service, we can make sure your tooth stays healthy after treatment by providing a custom dental crown to cover it.

Your Tooth May Ache Because Of An Infection

An aching feeling in your tooth, or a worrying increase in sensitivity, can serve as warnings that your tooth has become infected. Infections can form when a cavity is not treated in time, as bacteria will eventually make their way into your tooth to create problems. Injuries can also lead to this problem, particularly when a crack has formed in your enamel. If an infection is not treated, the health of your tooth will worsen, as your body cannot naturally deal with this problem. In time, the bacteria in your tooth will spread through its roots to create potential problems elsewhere. When this occurs, the only option left for restoring your oral health can be extracting the tooth.

Scheduling Root Canal Treatment

After a review of your infected tooth, your dentist can find that the appropriate treatment is root canal therapy. To restore the tooth, work will have to take place in its pulp. This means that enamel must be carefully removed so that care can occur. Once the work of removing bacteria and decayed tissues is complete, the pulp will be sealed before the tooth is secured with a dental crown. We can take care to minimize your discomfort during and after treatment, making the experience easier for you.

What Can You Do About Pain That Develops After Treatment?

A root canal should permanently resolve a problem with your tooth’s health. However, in some cases patients will experience new pains after treatment has taken place. When this occurs, it can be necessary to perform retreatment. This means that the pulp is carefully accessed again so that any overlooked or newly formed infections can be removed.

Schedule Root Canal Treatment At Sunny Smiles In El Paso, TX!

Root canal therapy can restore the health of a sore or sensitive tooth, and stop an active problem from growing worse. To learn more about this procedure, and other services we offer to address oral health concerns, contact our El Paso, TX, dentist’s office on N. Zaragoza Road at 915-849-9000.