How Will I Know If My Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out?

While you may already know many people who have had their wisdom teeth removed, you may not know if your teeth need to be taken out, or when that extraction might need to occur. It is important to make sure that issues with wisdom teeth are addressed early. If these teeth erupt when there is not enough space for them, they can become impacted. This means that they are not able to arrive properly, and can press against neighboring teeth to cause painful problems with tooth crowding. Sunny Smiles is able to help patients with the safe extraction of their wisdom teeth. We can also check on the status of these teeth during regular dental exams, which will allow us to alert you if it appears your wisdom teeth will be arriving soon!

People Often Lack Room In Their Mouth For Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth often need to be removed because, simply put, there is not enough space in a person’s mouth for them. When lack of space is an issue, they can erupt at an angle, and they can press neighboring teeth in. The effects of this can be serious – teeth can shift out of place due to the pressure of this impacted arrival, and teeth may even experience enamel damage. In order to address this, we can make sure that your wisdom teeth are safely extracted before they can put pressure on their neighbors and create problems that might call for more restorative dental work.

Arranging The Extraction Of Your Wisdom Teeth

If there is a concern about your wisdom teeth, your dentist will take x-rays to examine them and gauge their potential impact on your oral health. With these images, we can determine if it is time to perform an extraction, and make plans to ensure the removal process is successful. If necessary, we can even take the step of performing minor oral surgery to extract them before they have fully erupted. The advantage of this approach is that it helps us avoid complications with their eruption that might create new problems for your other teeth.

Regular Exams Allow Us To Monitor The Movement Of Wisdom Teeth

Early warnings about your wisdom teeth can help you avoid potentially serious oral health troubles, as well as issues with discomfort. By staying consistent with your dental checkups, you benefit from early interventions like this. Checkups also give us opportunities to perform early treatment for dental decay with tooth fillings, and to identify and treat gingivitis before your condition worsens.

Sunny Smiles Is Ready To Help You Safely Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Patients at Sunny Smiles can count on our help to deal with the arrival of their wisdom teeth. Early intervention and wisdom teeth removal will help patients avoid potentially painful oral health complications! To learn more, contact our El Paso, TX, dentist’s office on N. Zaragoza Road at 915-849-9000.