What Do Checkups & Cleanings Actually Prevent?

Most cosmetic and restorative dental treatments are only recommended when they’re absolutely necessary. That means you may never need one if you keep your smile consistently healthy and free of disease. However, preventive dental care is necessary for everyone, no matter how healthy their smiles may seem at the moment. For example, attending regular checkups and cleanings at our El Paso, TX, dental office, can allow us to remove the traces of tartar that you can’t remove at home. We can also thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to determine if there’s an issue you aren’t aware of, or if you should consider additional treatment to prevent potential problems with your oral health. (more…)

Things that Happen When You Ignore Tooth Loss

In some ways, tooth loss is natural. For instance, if you ignore a dental disease, then the consequences of it will naturally lead to the loss of your teeth. However, it isn’t natural in the same sense as aging. Unlike growing older, you can largely prevent tooth loss from occurring with proper care and maintenance, and by addressing dental health concerns promptly. At our El Paso, TX, dental office, we not only help you prevent tooth loss, but also help you prevent further concerns if tooth loss occurs by designing a custom, highly lifelike tooth replacement. (more…)

The Suprising Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Despite the fact that cavities are so common (they affect more than 90% of adults at least once in their lives), many people are surprised when they learn they have one. If it’s the first cavity you’ve ever had, then you might also be surprised at how effectively and discreetly you can treat it. Traditionally, fillings have often been made from metal amalgam, and their metallic appearance is what many people think of when they consider a filling. However, at our El Paso, TX, dental office, we utilize tooth-colored composite resin to create customized fillings that often surprise patients with their lifelike appearance. (more…)

3 Reasons Fixing Your Gummy Smile Is Worth It

Dealing with a gummy smile may not be much of inconvenience. For many people, the appearance of it isn’t particularly embarrassing, or perhaps the unevenness of their gums isn’t even noticeable. However, even if you aren’t bothered by your gummy smile, there are several different reasons why fixing it is a good idea. You may not realize the difference until you’ve straightened your gums, and in the long run, keeping your smile healthy will be significantly easier. At our El Paso, TX, dental office, we offer customized cosmetic gum contouring to help you fix your gummy smile and enjoy the many benefits that a straighter gum line has to offer. (more…)

Supporting a Full Denture on Just Four Dental Implants

The good thing about dental implants is that they’re a good option for most people who’ve lost one or more teeth. They’re also the most lifelike tooth replacement option, consisting of a prosthetic root (implant post) as well as a custom-designed restoration (bridge or denture). Yet, the more teeth you’ve lost, the more complicated your smile restoration may seem. For patients who require a complete denture to replace an entire row of teeth, it can seem much more so, especially when restoring their smiles involves the placement of dental implants. For patients in El Paso, TX, we help make the process much more convenient and affordable with the help of All-On-4® implant dentures. (more…)

Important Facts About Losing a Tooth

As dental health care has advanced over the centuries, people have realized that tooth loss isn’t something that has to be inevitable. In fact, with proper care and maintenance (and appropriate dental treatment, when necessary), most people have an excellent chance of avoiding tooth loss altogether. However, it still remains a problem for a majority of people, and at our El Paso, TX, dental office, helping patients recover from tooth loss is one of the more important personalized services we offer. That includes educating patients about the importance of addressing their tooth loss as soon as possible, and how to reduce their risks of losing more teeth in the future. (more…)

How Badly Is Your Tooth Fractured?

Cracking a tooth is often painful, especially if the fracture exposes your tooth’s sensitive nerves. Even if you don’t remember when the tooth cracked or how it occurred, the discomfort can quickly become severe if it’s neglected long enough. Fortunately, treating a minor fracture isn’t the same as treating a more severe one. For example, if we detect it and treat it early enough, we might be able to fix your fractured tooth with a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment. At our El Paso, TX, dental office, we offer several different options to ensure that we can always provide the right treatment for fractured teeth of all types. (more…)

What to Do When Your Wisdom Teeth Are Growing In

Not everyone knows exactly what to do when their wisdom teeth are growing in. For some people, the development of third molars can cause immediate problems, becoming impacted and causing severe levels of discomfort. For others, the problems aren’t immediately apparent, and they may wonder if extracting them is really a good idea. At our El Paso, TX, dentist’s office, we can help you determine the best course of action when your wisdom teeth are growing in, or if they’ve already grown in and are starting to cause trouble. (more…)

How You Can Finally Fix that Chipped Tooth

Maybe your chipped tooth isn’t even noticeable, or maybe it’s become a characteristic part of your smile’s appearance by now. For many patients, a chipped tooth doesn’t seem like a big deal even if it is visible, and therefore, they may not consider treating it  much of an emergency. However, even a small amount of damage to your tooth’s structure could have dire consequences for that tooth and the rest of your oral health. With a wide variety of customizable dental treatment options, we can help you find the right one to finally fix your chipped tooth at our El Paso, TX, office. (more…)

When It’s Time for Your Child to Visit the Dentist

You do all you can to teach your child good hygiene practices at home. Yet, how do you know when it’s time for your child to visit the dentist for professional care and attention? The good news is that it’s not as hard to determine as you might imagine. In fact, children over the age of three should attend regular visits just like you – usually, at least twice a year. They should also visit our El Paso, TX, dental office for issues such as toothaches, discomfort in their oral structures, or more. (more…)