Can TMJ Therapy Lead To Pain Relief?

Pain should not be a recurring problem when you bite and chew; if you have trouble with jaw movement, you can benefit from discussing TMJ therapy with your dentist. Sunny Smiles can offer treatment that helps you correct problems with poor joint alignment and movement. In addition to helping you bite and chew more comfortably, the right procedure can help you by addressing the cause of your frequent headaches, and it can help ease persistent neck and shoulder pain. If we find that issues with your oral health contribute to poor bite alignment and movement, we can recommend that you have the appropriate restorative treatment so that you have an easier time biting and chewing.

Troubles With Jaw Pain And Stiffness Can Be Hard To Live With

It can be difficult to live with the daily discomforts that stem from TMJ disorder. Until you do something about the alignment of your jaw movements, you can experience problems with stiff, painful, or otherwise limited biting and chewing. This matter can also lead to difficulties with chronic pain in your face and jaw area. Some of the consequences of this condition can surprise you. For instance, you may discover that TMJ disorder is the reason for your more frequent headaches, and even the reason why you often feel pain in your neck and shoulders. This is because the trigeminal nerve, which controls jaw movement, also controls sensation in these different areas.

Using A Custom Appliance To Ease TMJ Pain

Treating TMJ disorder can call for care that targets troubled jaw movement and alignment. We can provide that care with a custom appliance that holds your lower jaw in a position that encourages better movement and resting alignment. By using this appliance during the night, you can make a correction to an imbalance that has developed and worsened over time, which will help you reduce discomfort and improvement your natural biting and chewing motions.

Has A Problem With Your Oral Health Affected Your Bite Function?

If you are not able to bite and chew comfortably because you have a problem with a tooth that is unhealthy, or if your smile is not complete, we can discuss treatment. Restorative dental work can lead to better health as well as better dental function. Remember that when you keep up with general dental exams, problems with teeth can be caught and addressed in their early stages, which can prevent problems.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About TMJ Therapy!

Through TMJ therapy, we can take on problems with your smile and oral health so that they do not cause issues for you. For more information on this or any other service that you are interested in, reach out to Sunny Smiles on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.