The Most Common Reasons for Needing a Dental Crown

With their ability to completely restore a tooth despite severe levels of damage or infection, dental crowns can sometimes seem like a cure-all for any tooth concern you may have. Yet, the point of restoring a tooth isn’t just to fix it, but also to help you protect and preserve the healthy natural tooth structure that remains. At our El Paso, TX dental office, we can custom-design and place dental crowns designed specifically for any tooth. However, first, we’ll thoroughly examine your tooth and oral health to ensure that a dental crown truly is your best option.

Your tooth’s fracture is significant

Cracked or fractured teeth are among the most common candidates for modern dental crowns. That’s because the fracture in the tooth will only grow worse over time, and capping with a dental crown could be the only way to stop it. Minor tooth cracks may be addressed with more conservative treatment options, such as tooth bonding or a custom-designed porcelain veneer. However, if your tooth is significantly damaged, then a dental crown may be the only viable option.

A piece broke off of your tooth

In addition to cracked teeth, broken teeth are also popular reasons to receive a dental crown. A broken tooth is one where a piece of its crown has separated completely from the rest of the tooth, either through blunt force trauma or due to a significantly weakened tooth. If the piece is large enough, then the break can impact everything from the tooth’s health and comfort to your overall bite function, and more. To prevent this, we can custom-design a lifelike crown to be bonded in place over the tooth.

The tooth just received root canal therapy

A tooth that isn’t cracked or broken may still require a custom dental crown if its structure has been compromised in any way. Tooth decay is the most common threat, as it begins with little more than oral bacteria overwhelming your tooth structure. Severe cases of tooth decay involve infection in the tooth’s pup and root canal, and removing the infection could leave the tooth structurally weaker. To protect and prevent it from becoming damaged, we can permanently bond a dental crown over the tooth, ensuing the success of your restoration.

Find out if you need a dental crown

Dental crowns are versatile enough to address a wide range of tooth concerns, and lifelike enough to blend in naturally with your smile’s appearance. For more information, schedule an appointment by calling the Sunny Smiles dental office nearest you in El Paso, TX, today! We also have offices in Chaparral, Canutillo, and Vinton so we can easily serve patients throughout all surrounding communities.