Month: May 2022

Trouble With Wisdom Teeth? We Can Help!

When the time to remove your wisdom teeth comes, you can recognize that something is wrong due to the feeling of pressure on your back teeth, as well as the sensation of pain in the back of your jaw. These teeth often need to be removed because there is just not enough space to accommodate… Read more »

How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal?

When your tooth begins to ache, or when you experience a physical injury, you can have some understandable questions and concerns about what you should do to have it treated. Problems with your oral health can require different approaches; if something causes trouble within the tooth structure, it can take a root canal to resolve… Read more »

Reliable Support During Dental Checkups

You should support your smile every day—by brushing, flossing, and selecting smart, low-sugar snacks and meals, you reduce your risk for cavities and other issues. As important as it is to keep up the right daily behaviors, you should also make use of your dentist’s services if you want to prevent issues over time. Patients… Read more »

Family Dentistry And Your Smile Care Needs

Everyone should make their smile care a priority, but parents need to focus on their kids’ oral health needs as well as their own. One way to make this easier is to find one dental practice that can support everyone in your household. Sunny Smiles welcomes families in around El Paso who are seeking oral… Read more »

Can I Book A Dental Visit On Saturday?

General dental appointments are important, as they keep you informed about the health of your smile and make you less likely to experience problems thanks to the care provided during your visits. So what keeps a person away from these visits? One issue is that it may be hard for some people to make room… Read more »

Dental Treatment In Response To Tooth Pain

What should you do when you have a problem with tooth pain that does not go away after a short time? The problem can point to something serious, which means you should have it looked at by your dentist. People in and around the El Paso, TX area who experience tooth pain can count on… Read more »

Learn What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Offer

Have you been dealing with negative feelings around your smile? Whether you have one specific issue or a number of concerns, it can be hard to live with embarrassment over the appearance of your teeth. Patients can count on Sunny Smiles for more than just oral health services, as we provide several cosmetic dental procedures… Read more »

Address Discomfort With TMJ Therapy

When you perform basic actions like biting and chewing, you may put more stress and strain on your joints and muscles than you realize. This can be a consequence of poor joint alignment, which can lead to issues like pain in your face, neck, and jaw, an increase in headaches, and even difficulty with teeth… Read more »

Lifelike Restorative Dentistry In El Paso

Restorative dental work provides important responses to problems that threaten patients’ smiles. This service addresses more than just dental decay, as you can also count on us to help when physical injuries put teeth in jeopardy. For people of all ages in the El Paso who need restorative dental work, reliable support is available at… Read more »

The Right Dental Care For Your Children

Is there something more you should be doing for your children to keep them safe from dental problems? As they grow older, kids will take on more responsibility for their own oral health care. Pediatric dental visits can actually play an important role in helping them learn to protect their smiles. Along with your own… Read more »